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Dalechampia (dalechampia)

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Dalechampia is a genus of plant of the family Euphorbiaceae and of the monogeneric subtribe Dalechampiinae. It is widespread across lowland tropical areas (generally below 2,000 m ASL) primarily in the Americas with smaller numbers of species in Africa, Madagascar, and southern Asia. Additional new species are still being described and several are very rare and at risk of extinction.
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Dalechampia adscendens
Dalechampia affinis
Dalechampia alata
Dalechampia albibracteosa
Dalechampia allemii
Dalechampia anomala
Dalechampia arciana
Dalechampia arenalensis
Dalechampia aristolochiifolia
Dalechampia armbrusteri
Dalechampia attenuistylus
Dalechampia bangii
Dalechampia bernieri
Dalechampia bidentata
Dalechampia boliviana
Dalechampia brasiliensis
Dalechampia brevicolumna
Dalechampia brevipedunculata
Dalechampia brevipes
Dalechampia brownsbergensis
Dalechampia burchellii
Dalechampia burgeriana
Dalechampia burmanica
Dalechampia canescens
Dalechampia capensis (Attributes)
Dalechampia caperonioides
Dalechampia catatii
Dalechampia chevalieri
Dalechampia chlorocephala
Dalechampia cissifolia
Dalechampia clausseniana
Dalechampia clematidifolia
Dalechampia convolvuloides
Dalechampia coriacea
Dalechampia cujabensis
Dalechampia decaryi
Dalechampia denticulata
Dalechampia dioscoreifolia
Dalechampia elongata
Dalechampia falcata
Dalechampia fernandesii
Dalechampia ficifolia
Dalechampia fragrans
Dalechampia francisceana
Dalechampia galpinii (Attributes)
Dalechampia gentryi
Dalechampia glechomifolia
Dalechampia granadilla
Dalechampia guaranitica
Dalechampia hassleriana
Dalechampia hastata
Dalechampia herzogiana
Dalechampia heterobractea
Dalechampia hispida
Dalechampia humilis
Dalechampia hutchisoniana
Dalechampia ilheotica
Dalechampia indica
Dalechampia ipomoeifolia
Dalechampia juruana
Dalechampia karsteniana
Dalechampia katangensis
Dalechampia laevigata
Dalechampia leandrii
Dalechampia leucophylla
Dalechampia liesneri
Dalechampia linearis
Dalechampia luetzelburgii
Dalechampia magnistipulata (Attributes)
Dalechampia magnoliifolia
Dalechampia martiana
Dalechampia megacarpa
Dalechampia meridionalis
Dalechampia micrantha
Dalechampia micromeria
Dalechampia occidentalis
Dalechampia olfersiana
Dalechampia olympiana
Dalechampia osana
Dalechampia papillistigma
Dalechampia parvibracteata
Dalechampia pavoniifolia
Dalechampia peckoltiana
Dalechampia pentaphylla
Dalechampia pernambucensis
Dalechampia perrieri
Dalechampia psilogyne
Dalechampia purpurata
Dalechampia regnellii
Dalechampia reitzkleinii
Dalechampia riedeliana
Dalechampia riparia
Dalechampia rubrivenia
Dalechampia scandens (spurgecreeper) (Attributes)
Dalechampia schenckiana
Dalechampia schippii
Dalechampia schottii
Dalechampia serrula
Dalechampia shankii
Dalechampia sinuata
Dalechampia spathulata
Dalechampia stenoloba
Dalechampia stenosepala
Dalechampia stipulacea
Dalechampia subintegra
Dalechampia subternata
Dalechampia sylvestris
Dalechampia tamifolia
Dalechampia tenuiramea
Dalechampia tiliifolia
Dalechampia trifoliata
Dalechampia triphylla
Dalechampia uleana
Dalechampia ulmifolia
Dalechampia variifolia
Dalechampia velutina
Dalechampia violacea
Dalechampia viridissima
Dalechampia weberbaueri
Dalechampia websteri
Dalechampia weddelliana

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