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Luzula (woodrush)

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Luzula is a genus of flowering plants the family Juncaceae, the rushes. The genus has a cosmopolitan distribution, with species occurring throughout the world, especially in temperate regions, the Arctic, and higher elevation areas in the tropics. Plants of the genus are known commonly as wood-rush, wood rush, or woodrush. Possible origins of the genus name include the Italian lucciola ("to shine, sparkle") or the Latin luzulae or luxulae, from lux ("light"), inspired by the way the plants sparkle when wet with dew. Another etymology sometimes given is that it does derive from lucciola but that this meant a midsummerfield, or from the Latin luculus, meaning a small place; the same source also states that this name was applied by Luigi Anguillara (an Italian botanist) in 1561.
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Luzula abchasica
Luzula abyssinica
Luzula acuminata (hairy woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula acutifolia (Attributes)
Luzula africana
Luzula alopecurus
Luzula alpestris
Luzula alpina (Attributes)
Luzula alpinopilosa (alpine woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula arctica (arctic woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula arcuata (curved woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula atlantica
Luzula atrata
Luzula australasica
Luzula banksiana
Luzula bogdanii
Luzula bomiensis
Luzula bornmuelleriana
Luzula borreri
Luzula brachyphylla
Luzula bulbosa (bulbous woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula caespitosa
Luzula calabra
Luzula campestris (field woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula canariensis (Attributes)
Luzula capitata (Attributes)
Luzula caricina
Luzula cascadensis
Luzula castellanosii
Luzula celata
Luzula colensoi
Luzula comosa (Pacific woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula confusa (northern woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula congesta (heath woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula crenulata
Luzula crinita (Attributes)
Luzula danica
Luzula decipiens
Luzula densiflora (Attributes)
Luzula denticulata
Luzula desvauxii (Attributes)
Luzula divaricata (forked woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula divulgata (Attributes)
Luzula divulgatiformis
Luzula echinata (hedgehog woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula ecuadoriensis
Luzula effusa
Luzula elegans
Luzula excelsa
Luzula exspectata
Luzula fallax
Luzula fastigiata
Luzula favratii
Luzula flaccida (Attributes)
Luzula forsteri (southern woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula gayana
Luzula gigantea (Attributes)
Luzula glabrata (smooth woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula groenlandica (Greenland woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula hasleri
Luzula hawaiiensis (Hawai'i woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula heddae
Luzula hermannii-muelleri
Luzula hybrida
Luzula ignivoma
Luzula inaequalis
Luzula indica
Luzula jilongensis
Luzula jimboi
Luzula johannis-principis
Luzula johnstonii
Luzula kjellmaniana (tundra woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula lactea (Attributes)
Luzula leiboldii
Luzula leptophylla
Luzula levieri
Luzula longiflora
Luzula lutea (Attributes)
Luzula lutescens
Luzula luzulina (Attributes)
Luzula luzuloides (oakforest woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula macrantha
Luzula mannii
Luzula masafuerana
Luzula media
Luzula mendocina
Luzula meridionalis (Attributes)
Luzula modesta (Attributes)
Luzula multiflora (common woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula nipponica
Luzula nivea (Attributes)
Luzula nodulosa
Luzula novae-cambriae (Attributes)
Luzula odaesanensis
Luzula oligantha
Luzula orestera (Sierra woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula ovata (Attributes)
Luzula pallescens (Eurasian woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula papuana
Luzula parviflora (millet woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula parvula
Luzula pedemontana
Luzula pediformis
Luzula peruviana
Luzula pfaffii
Luzula philippinensis
Luzula picta
Luzula pilosa (Hairy Wood-rush) (Attributes)
Luzula pindica
Luzula piperi (Piper's woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula plumosa
Luzula poimena
Luzula pumila
Luzula purpureosplendens
Luzula racemosa (Attributes)
Luzula romanica
Luzula rufa (Attributes)
Luzula rufescens (rufous woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula ruiz-lealii
Luzula seubertii
Luzula sichuanensis
Luzula silvatica <Unverified Name>
Luzula somedana
Luzula spicata (spiked wood-rush) (Attributes)
Luzula stenophylla (Attributes)
Luzula subcapitata (Colorado woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula subcongesta (Donner woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula sudetica (Attributes)
Luzula sylvatica (great wood-rush) (Attributes)
Luzula taiwaniana
Luzula taurica
Luzula tibestica
Luzula traversii
Luzula ulophylla
Luzula vinesii
Luzula vulcanica
Luzula wahlenbergii (Wahlenberg's woodrush) (Attributes)
Luzula wettsteinii

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