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Arenga (arenga palm)

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Arenga is a genus of palms, native to Southeast Asia, southern China, New Guinea, and northern Australia. They are small to medium-sized palms, growing to 2-20 m tall, with pinnate leaves 2-12 m long. Species 1. \n* Arenga australasica (H.Wendl. & Drude) S.T.Blake ex H.E.Moore - Queensland 2. \n* Arenga brevipes Becc. - Sumatra, Borneo 3. \n* Arenga caudata (Lour.) H.E.Moore - Guangxi, Hainan, Indochina 4. \n* Arenga distincta Mogea - Borneo 5. \n* Arenga engleri Becc. - Taiwan 6. \n* Arenga hastata (Becc.) Whitmore - Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra 7. \n* Arenga hookeriana (Becc.) Whitmore - Thailand, Malaysia 8. \n* Arenga listeri Becc. - Christmas Island 9. \n* Arenga longicarpa C.F.Wei - Guangdong 10. \n* Arenga longipes Mogea - Sumatra 11. \n* Arenga micrantha C.F.Wei -
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Arenga australasica (Australian Arenga Palm) (Attributes)
Arenga brevipes (Attributes)
Arenga caudata (Attributes)
Arenga distincta (Attributes)
Arenga engleri (Attributes)
Arenga hastata (Attributes)
Arenga hookeriana (Attributes)
Arenga listeri (Lister's Palm) (Attributes)
Arenga longicarpa (Attributes)
Arenga longipes (Attributes)
Arenga micrantha (Tibetan Sugar Palm) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Arenga microcarpa (Attributes)
Arenga mindorensis (Attributes)
Arenga obtusifolia (Attributes)
Arenga pinnata (sugar palm) (Attributes)
Arenga plicata (Attributes)
Arenga porphyrocarpa (Attributes)
Arenga retroflorescens (Attributes)
Arenga ryukyuensis (Attributes)
Arenga sacharifera <Unverified Name>
Arenga talamauensis (Attributes)
Arenga tremula (Attributes)
Arenga undulatifolia (Attributes)
Arenga westerhoutii (Attributes)
Arenga wightii (Attributes)

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