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Sillaginidae (sillagos, smelts, and whitings)

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The Sillaginidae, commonly known as the smelt-whitings, whitings, sillaginids, sand borers and sand-smelts, are a family of benthic coastal marine fish in the order Perciformes. The smelt-whitings inhabit a wide region covering much of the Indo-Pacific, from the west coast of Africa east to Japan and south to Australia. The family comprises only five genera and 35 species, of which a number are dubious, with the last major revision of the family in 1992 unable to confirm the validity of a number of species. They are elongated, slightly compressed fish, often light brown to silver in colour, with a variety of markings and patterns on their upper bodies. The Sillaginidae are not related to a number of fishes commonly called 'whiting' in the Northern Hemisphere, including the fish originally
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Sillaginodes (Smeltwhiting) (1)
Sillaginopodys (1)
Sillaginops (1)
Sillaginopsis (Smeltwhiting) (1)
Sillago (Smeltwhiting) (30)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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