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Scombridae (albacores, bonitos, mackerels, and tunas)

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The Scombridae family of the mackerels, tunas, and bonitos includes many of the most important and familiar food fishes. The family consists of 51 species in 15 genera and two subfamilies. All species are in the subfamily Scombrinae, except the butterfly kingfish, which is the sole member of subfamily Gasterochismatinae.
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Acanthocybium (tetos) (1)
Allothunnus (Bonito) (1)
Auxis (frigate mackerels and frigate tunas) (4)
Cybiosarda (Bonito) (1)
Euthynnus (lesser tunas and little tunas) (3)
Gasterochisma (Mackerel) (1)
Grammatorcynus (Spanish mackerel) (2)
Gymnosarda (little tunnies and ocean bonitos) (1)
Katsuwonus (oceanic bonitos and skipjack tunas) (1)
Orcynopsis (Bonito) (1)
Rastrelliger (chub mackerels) (3)
Sarda (bonitos) (5)
Scomber (4)
Scomberomorus (spanish mackerels and wahoos) (18)
Thunnus (albacores and tunas) (8)   (2)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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