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Osteoglossiformes (bonytongues)

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Osteoglossiformes (Greek: "bony tongues") is a relatively primitive order of ray-finned fish that contains two sub-orders, the Osteoglossoidei and the Notopteroidei. All of at least 245 living species inhabit freshwater. They are found in South America, Africa, Australia and southern Asia, having first evolved in Gondwana before that continent broke up. The mooneyes (Hiodontidae) are often classified here, but may also be placed in a separate order, Hiodontiformes.
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Arapaimidae (5)
Gymnarchidae (Gymnarchid fish) (1)
Hiodontidae (mooneyes) (2)
Mormyridae (elephant fishes and mormyrids) (228)   (4)
Notopteridae (knifefishes) (10)
Osteoglossidae (bandfishes) (6)   (1)
Pantodontidae (Freshwater butterflyfish) (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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