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Pyrrhula (Eurasian bullfinches)

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Pyrrhula is a small genus of passerine birds, commonly called bullfinches, belonging to the finch family (Fringillidae). The genus has a palearctic distribution. All species occur in Asia with two species exclusively in the Himalayas and one species, P. pyrrhula, also occurring in Europe. The Azores bullfinch (P. murina) is a critically endangered species (about 120 pairs remaining), occurring only in the east of the island of São Miguel in the Azores archipelago.
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Pyrrhula aurantiaca (Orange Bullfinch) (Attributes)
Pyrrhula erythaca (Grey-headed Bullfinch) (Attributes)
Pyrrhula erythrocephala (Red-headed Bullfinch) (Attributes)
Pyrrhula leucogenis (White-cheeked Bullfinch) (Attributes)
Pyrrhula murina (Sao Miguel Bullfinch) (Attributes)
Pyrrhula nipalensis (Brown Bullfinch) (Attributes)
Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Eurasian Bullfinch) (Attributes)

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