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Pseudemys (cooter turtles, cooters, and red-bellied turtles)

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Pseudemys is a genus of large, herbivorous, freshwater turtles of the eastern United States and adjacent northeast Mexico. They are often referred to as cooters, which stems from kuta, the word for turtle in the Bambara and Malinké languages, brought to America by African slaves.
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Pseudemys alabamensis (Alabama Redbelly Turtle) (Endangered)
Pseudemys concinna (Eastern River Cooter) (Attributes)
Pseudemys gorzugi (Rio Grande cooter)
Pseudemys nelsoni (Florida Redbelly Turtle) (Attributes)
Pseudemys peninsularis (Peninsula Cooter)
Pseudemys rubriventris (Eastern Redbelly Turtle, Northern Red-bellied Turtle) (Attributes)
Pseudemys texana (Texas River Cooter)

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