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Funambulus (palm squirrels)

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Funambulus is a genus of rodents in the Sciuridae (squirrel) family. It contains these species: \n* Genus Funambulus \n* Subgenus Funambulus \n* Layard's palm squirrel (F. layardi) \n* Indian palm squirrel (F. palmarum) \n* Nilgiri striped palm squirrel (F. sublineatus) \n* Dusky palm squirrel (F. obscurus) \n* Jungle palm squirrel (F. tristriatus) \n* Subgenus Prasadsciurus \n* Northern palm squirrel (F. pennantii)
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Funambulus layardi (Layard's palm squirrel) (Attributes)
Funambulus palmarum (Indian palm squirrel) (Attributes)
Funambulus pennantii (northern palm squirrel) (Attributes)
Funambulus sublineatus (dusky palm squirrel) (Attributes)
Funambulus tristriatus (jungle palm squirrel) (Attributes)

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