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Microsciurus (dwarf squirrels)

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Microsciurus or dwarf squirrels is a genus of squirrels from the tropical regions of Central and South America. There are four recognized species, however, recent DNA analysis has shown that there is some confusion regarding the traditional classification of the Microsciurus species, and that the genus may be polyphyletic. Genus Microsciurus - dwarf squirrels All dwarf squirrels in this genus live in tropical rain forests. None of them are endangered, although they are rarely seen, because they are shy and lead hidden lives.
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Microsciurus alfari (Central American dwarf squirrel) (Attributes)
Microsciurus flaviventer (Amazon dwarf squirrel) (Attributes)
Microsciurus mimulus (western dwarf squirrel) (Attributes)
Microsciurus santanderensis (Santander dwarf squirrel) (Attributes)

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