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Rhacophoridae (Old World tree frogs)

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The Rhacophoridae are a family of frog species, which occur in tropical sub-Saharan Africa, South India and Sri Lanka, Japan; northeastern India to eastern China south through the Philippines and Greater Sundas, and Sulawesi. They are commonly known as shrub frogs, or more ambiguously as "moss frogs" or "bush frogs". Some Rhacophoridae are called "tree frogs". Among the most spectacular members of this family are numerous "flying frogs".
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Buergeria (5)
Chiromantis (Tree frog) (15)
Feihyla (1)
Ghatixalus (2)   (1)
Gracixalus (2)
Hylambates (1)
Kurixalus (10)
Liuixalus (1)   (1)
Nyctixalus (Tree frog) (3)
Philautus (Tree frog) (146)   (53)
Polypedates (Tree frog) (20)   (4)
Rhacophorus (78)   (9)
Theloderma (Tree frog) (14)   (2)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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