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Caudata (salamanders)

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The Caudata are a group of amphibians containing the salamanders (Urodela) and all extinct species of salamander-like amphibians more closely related to salamanders than to frogs. They are typically characterized by a superficially lizard-like appearance, with slender bodies, blunt snouts, short limbs projecting at right angles to the body, and the presence of a tail in both larvae and adults.
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Ambystomatidae (mole salamanders) (37)   (12)
Amphiumidae (amphiumas) (3)
Cryptobranchidae (giant salamanders and hellbenders) (3)   (1)
Hynobiidae (Asiatic salamanders) (53)   (12)
Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders) (392)   (133)
Proteidae (mudpuppies and waterdogs) (6)   (1)
Rhyacotritonidae (torrent salamanders) (4)
Salamandridae (newts and salamanders) (79)   (14)
Sirenidae (sirens) (4)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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