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Echimyidae (spiny rats)

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The family Echimyidae contains the Neotropical spiny rats and their fossil relatives. This is the most species-rich family of hystricognath rodents. It is probably also the most ecologically diverse, with members ranging from fully arboreal to terrestrial to fossorial habits. They presently exist mainly in South America; three members of the family also range into Central America. Species of the extinct subfamily Heteropsomyinae formerly lived on Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico in the Antilles, probably until the arrival of Europeans. Some authorities consider the nutria from southern and central South America to be a part of this family.
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Boromys (Cuban spiny rats) (2)
Brotomys (Hispaniolan spiny rats) (2)
Callistomys (1)   (1)
Carterodon (Owl's spiny rat) (1)
Clyomys (Bishop's fossorial spiny rat and broad-headed spiny rat) (2)
Dactylomys (bamboo rats) (3)
Diplomys (arboreal soft-furred spiny rats) (3)   (1)
Echimys (arboreal spiny rats) (3)
Euryzygomatomys (rata guira) (1)
Heteropsomys (Puerto Rican spiny rats) (2)
Hoplomys (armored rat and thick-spined rat) (1)
Isothrix (brush-tailed rats) (4)
Kannabateomys (southern bamboo rats) (1)
Lonchothrix (tuft-tailed spiny tree rat) (1)
Makalata (armored spiny rat) (6)
Mesomys (spiny tree rats) (4)
Olallamys (Andean soft-furred spiny rats) (2)
Phyllomys (12)   (5)
Proechimys (spiny rats) (25)
Puertoricomys (old Puerto Rican spiny rats) (1)
Thrichomys (punare) (3)
Trinomys (11)   (2)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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