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Octodontidae (degus, rock rats, and viscacha rats)

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Octodontidae is a family of rodents, restricted to southwestern South America. Thirteen species of octodontid are recognised, arranged in nine genera. The best known species is the degu, Octodon degus. Members of the genus Aconaemys are referred to as rock rats, and members of genus Octodon are all called degus, though the name degu on its own implies O. degu. The single member of Spalacopus, S. cyanus, is called the coruro. Members of the other genera are called viscacha rats: note, however, that viscachas are not octodontids - they are members of the chinchilla family Chinchillidae.
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Aconaemys (rock rats) (3)
Octodon (4)   (1)
Octodontomys (long-tailed octodons and mountain degu) (1)
Octomys (viacacha rat) (1)
Pipanacoctomys (1)   (1)
Salinoctomys (1)   (1)
Spalacopus (coruro) (1)
Tympanoctomys (plains viscacha rat) (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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