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Congridae (conger eels and congers)

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The Congridae are the family of conger and garden eels. Congers are valuable and often large food fishes, while garden eels live in colonies, all protruding from the sea floor after the manner of plants in a garden (thus the name). The family includes over 180 species in 32 genera. The European conger, Conger conger, is the largest of the family and of the Anguilliformes order that includes it; it has been recorded at up to 3 m (9.8 ft) in length and weighing 350 lb (160 kg).
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Acromycter (Conger eel) (5)
Ariosoma (Conger eel) (28)
Bassanago (Conger eel) (4)
Bathycongrus (Conger eel) (22)
Bathymyrus (Conger eel) (3)
Bathyuroconger (Conger eel) (2)
Blachea (Conger eel) (2)
Castleichthys (1)
Chiloconger (Conger eel) (2)
Conger (15)
Congrhynchus (1)
Congriscus (Conger eel) (3)
Congrosoma (Conger eel) (1)
Diploconger (Conger eel) (1)
Gnathophis (Conger eel) (28)
Gorgasia (14)
Heteroconger (Garden eel) (21)
Japonoconger (3)
Kenyaconger (1)
Lumiconger (Conger eel) (1)
Macrocephenchelys (Conger eel) (2)
Parabathymyrus (Conger eel) (6)
Paraconger (Conger eel) (7)
Poeciloconger (Conger eel) (1)
Promyllantor (Conger eel) (3)
Pseudophichthys (1)
Rhynchoconger (Conger eel) (7)
Scalanago (Conger eel) (1)
Uroconger (Conger eel) (4)
Xenomystax (Pike conger) (5)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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