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Lactuca (lettuce)

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Lactuca, commonly known as lettuce, is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family, Asteraceae. The genus includes at least 50 species, distributed worldwide, but mainly in temperate Eurasia. Its best-known representative is the garden lettuce (Lactuca sativa), with its many varieties. "Wild lettuce" commonly refers to the wild-growing relatives of common garden lettuce. Many species are common weeds. Lactuca species are diverse and take a wide variety of forms. They are annuals, biennials, perennials, or shrubs. Their flower heads have yellow, blue, or white ray florets. Some species are bitter-tasting.
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Lactuca acanthifolia
Lactuca aculeata
Lactuca alaica
Lactuca albertoregelia
Lactuca alpestris
Lactuca amaurophyton
Lactuca ambacensis
Lactuca arabica
Lactuca attenuata (Attributes)
Lactuca azerbaijanica
Lactuca biennis (tall blue lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca birjandica
Lactuca brachyrrhyncha
Lactuca calophylla (Attributes)
Lactuca canadensis (Canada lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca chitralensis
Lactuca cichorioides
Lactuca corymbosa
Lactuca cubangensis
Lactuca czerepanovii
Lactuca denaensis
Lactuca dissecta
Lactuca dolichophylla
Lactuca dregeana (Attributes)
Lactuca dumicola
Lactuca erostrata
Lactuca exigua
Lactuca fenzlii
Lactuca floridana (woodland lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca formosana
Lactuca georgica
Lactuca gilanica
Lactuca glandulifera (Attributes)
Lactuca glareosa
Lactuca glaucifolia
Lactuca gracilipetiolata
Lactuca graminifolia (grass-leaf lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca haimanniana
Lactuca hazaranensis
Lactuca hirsuta (hairy lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca hispida
Lactuca hispidula
Lactuca homblei (Attributes)
Lactuca imbricata (Attributes)
Lactuca indica (Indian lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca inermis (Attributes)
Lactuca intricata
Lactuca jamaicensis
Lactuca kanitziana
Lactuca kemaliya
Lactuca kirpicznikovii
Lactuca klossii
Lactuca kochiana
Lactuca laevigata
Lactuca lasiorhiza (Attributes)
Lactuca leucoclada
Lactuca linczevskii
Lactuca longidentata
Lactuca longispicata
Lactuca ludoviciana (biannual lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca malaissei
Lactuca mansuensis
Lactuca marunguensis
Lactuca microcephala
Lactuca microsperma
Lactuca morssii
Lactuca muralis (Wall lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca mwinilungensis (Attributes)
Lactuca orientalis
Lactuca oyukludaghensis
Lactuca pakistanica
Lactuca palmensis
Lactuca paradoxa (Attributes)
Lactuca perennis (Blue Lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca petrensis
Lactuca piestocarpa
Lactuca polyclada
Lactuca praecox (Attributes)
Lactuca praevia
Lactuca pulchella (blue lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca pumila
Lactuca quercina (Attributes)
Lactuca raddeana
Lactuca rechingeriana
Lactuca reviersii
Lactuca rostrata
Lactuca rosularis
Lactuca sagetifolia <Unverified Name>
Lactuca saligna (willowleaf lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca sativa (Lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca scarioloides
Lactuca schulzeana (Attributes)
Lactuca schweinfurthii (Attributes)
Lactuca seriola <Unverified Name>
Lactuca seriole <Unverified Name>
Lactuca serriola (Wild Lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca setosa (Attributes)
Lactuca sibirica
Lactuca singularis
Lactuca songeensis
Lactuca spinidens
Lactuca stebbinsii
Lactuca stipulata
Lactuca takhtadzhianii
Lactuca tatarica (blue lettuce)
Lactuca tenerrima
Lactuca tetrantha
Lactuca tinctociliata
Lactuca triangulata
Lactuca tuberosa (Attributes)
Lactuca tysonii
Lactuca ugandensis
Lactuca undulata
Lactuca viminea (Attributes)
Lactuca virosa (Wild Lettuce) (Attributes)
Lactuca watsoniana (Endangered)
Lactuca winkleri
Lactuca yemensis
Lactuca zambeziaca

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