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Claoxylon (claoxylon)

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Claoxylon is a flowering plant genus in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae, comprising dioecious subshrubs to small trees. It was first described as a genus in 1824. The genus is distributed in paleotropical areas: Madagascar through South and Southeast Asia, Malesia to Melanesia, Hawaiʻi, and Australia. Half of the species are in Malesia. According to a molecular phylogenetic study by Wurdack, Hoffmann & Chase (2005), Claoxylon is sister to Erythrococca (50 species, Africa), and together they form the top of a Hennigian comb-like phylogeny.
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Claoxylon abbreviatum
Claoxylon affine
Claoxylon albicans
Claoxylon albiflorum
Claoxylon angustifolium
Claoxylon anomalum
Claoxylon arboreum
Claoxylon attenuatum
Claoxylon australe (Brittlewood) (Attributes)
Claoxylon bicarpellatum
Claoxylon biciliatum
Claoxylon brachyandrum
Claoxylon capillipes
Claoxylon carinatum
Claoxylon carolinianum
Claoxylon carrii
Claoxylon centenarium
Claoxylon colfsii
Claoxylon collenettei
Claoxylon coriaceolanatum
Claoxylon crassipes
Claoxylon crassivenium
Claoxylon cuneatum
Claoxylon decaryanum
Claoxylon dolichostachyum
Claoxylon echinospermum
Claoxylon ellipticum
Claoxylon erythrophyllum
Claoxylon euphorbioides
Claoxylon extenuatum
Claoxylon fallax
Claoxylon flavum (Critically Endangered)
Claoxylon fulvescens
Claoxylon gillisonii
Claoxylon glabrifolium
Claoxylon glandulosum
Claoxylon goodenoviense
Claoxylon grandifolium
Claoxylon gymnadenum
Claoxylon hainanense
Claoxylon hillii
Claoxylon hirsutellum
Claoxylon hosei
Claoxylon humbertii
Claoxylon indicum (Attributes)
Claoxylon insigne
Claoxylon insulanum
Claoxylon kaievskii
Claoxylon khasianum
Claoxylon kinabaluense
Claoxylon kingii
Claoxylon kotoense
Claoxylon lambiricum
Claoxylon ledermannii
Claoxylon linostachys (Critically Endangered)
Claoxylon longifolium (Attributes)
Claoxylon longipetiolatum
Claoxylon longiracemosum
Claoxylon lutescens
Claoxylon macranthum
Claoxylon mananarense
Claoxylon marianum (Attributes)
Claoxylon medullosum
Claoxylon microcarpum
Claoxylon monoicum
Claoxylon muscisilvae
Claoxylon neoebudicum
Claoxylon nervosum
Claoxylon nigtanig
Claoxylon nubicola
Claoxylon oblanceolatum
Claoxylon oliganthum
Claoxylon ooumuense
Claoxylon papuae
Claoxylon parviflorum
Claoxylon paucinerve
Claoxylon perrieri
Claoxylon physocarpum
Claoxylon platyphyllum
Claoxylon porphyrostemon
Claoxylon praetermissum
Claoxylon pseudoinsulanum
Claoxylon psilogyne
Claoxylon pubescens
Claoxylon purpureum
Claoxylon putii
Claoxylon racemiflorum
Claoxylon raymondianum
Claoxylon rostratum
Claoxylon rubescens
Claoxylon rubrivenium
Claoxylon salicinum
Claoxylon salomonense
Claoxylon samoense
Claoxylon sanctae-crucis
Claoxylon sandwicense (po'ola) (Attributes)
Claoxylon sarasinorum
Claoxylon scabratum
Claoxylon setosum
Claoxylon spathulatum
Claoxylon stapfianum
Claoxylon subbullatum
Claoxylon subsessiliflorum
Claoxylon subviride
Claoxylon taitense (Attributes)
Claoxylon tenerifolium
Claoxylon tenuiflorum
Claoxylon tetracoccum
Claoxylon tsaratananae
Claoxylon velutinum
Claoxylon vitiense
Claoxylon wallichianum
Claoxylon warburgianum
Claoxylon winkleri

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