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Eriophorum scheuchzeri (white cottongrass)


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Eriophorum scheuchzeri is a species of flowering plant in the sedge family known by the common names Scheuchzer's cottongrass and white cottongrass. It has a arctic circumpolar and circumboreal distribution in the Northern Hemisphere. It can be found in Alaska, across Canada, in the Arctic islands, Greenland, Iceland, and across Eurasia. There are disjunct occurrences in the Rocky Mountains, in the high mountains of southern Europe (the Pyrenees, Alps and the Caucasus) on Mount Daisetsu in Japan and some other Asian mountains. This plant is consumed by muskoxen. Waterfowl feed on the seeds.
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Lifespan [1]  Perennial
Structure [3]  Grass
Light Preference [2]  Full Sun
Soil Acidity [2]  Mostly Acid
Soil Fertility [2]  Infertile
Soil Moisture [2]  Wet

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Europe to W. Himalaya and Mongolia, Suarctic N. America to Canada;

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