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Cordyline indivisa (Cabbage Tree)


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Cordyline indivisa is a monocot tree endemic to New Zealand, where it is called mountain cabbage tree or bush flax. It is also known as the Broad-leaved cabbage tree, or Tōī.
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Allergen Potential [1]  Medium-Low
Edible [2]  May be edible. See the Plants For A Future link below for details.
Flower Type [2]  Hermaphrodite
Leaf Type [2]  Evergreen
Structure [2]  Tree
Usage [2]  The leaves contain saponins, but not in commercial quantities; The leaves contain a strong fibre, used for making paper, twine, cloth, baskets, thatching, rain capes etc; The whole leaves would be used for some of these applications. This species makes very strong rain capes; The midrib of the leaves provides a fine red-coloured strip for plaiting. It makes a very strong rope, lasting longer in water than Phormium tenax;
Height [2]  26 feet (8 m)
Width [2]  6.56 feet (2 m)
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New Zealand;

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