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Halophila baillonis (Florida Keys seagrass)

Synonyms: Halophila aschersonii; Serpicula quadrifolia

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Halophila baillonis (clover grass) is a sea grass of the genus Halophila. It is listed on the IUCN Red List as vulnerable (assessed 2007) due to its naturally rare occurrence and fragmentary populations.
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Lifespan [1]  Perennial
Structure [1]  Herb


Acanthurus bahianus (Shitty trooper)[2]
Acanthurus coeruleus (Yellow doctorfish)[2]
Cantherhines pullus (Tobaccofish)[2]
Chelonia mydas (Green Turtle)[3]
Sphoeroides spengleri (Puffer)[2]


Costa Rica to Colombia, Caribbean, NE. Brazil; Costa Rica to N. Venezuela, Caribbean, NE. Brazil;

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