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Eublaberus distanti (Trinidad bat-cave cockroach)

Synonyms: Blaberus biolleyi; Blaberus distanti

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Eublaberus distanti, known as the six-spotted, four-spotted, four-spot, or Trinidad bat-cave roach or cockroach, is a primarily cave-dwelling Central and South American cockroach of the genus Eublaberus (Hebard, 1920). Nymphs turn a dark brown, and the common name "six spotted cockroach" refers to six yellow spots along the sides of the nymph. Adults of both genders have wings but do not fly. They grow to approximately 2.5 in (6.4 cm) in length. Males are generally smaller than females, with longer wings, and a small rear sternite compared to females.
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Guatemala; Costa Rica; Panama; Colombia; Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of (Trinidad); French Guiana; Suriname; Guyana; Brazil;

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