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Clathrina coriacea (white clathrina)


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Clathrina coriacea is a species of calcareous sponge belonging to the family Clathrinidae. This species occurs as flat white or yellow encrustations up to 3 cm in diameter with a central osculum. Close inspection reveals a tightly-knit latticework of tubes. The spicules are all of a similar shape, three-rayed triactines. This is largely a shallow-water species though it has been recorded at depths of up to 650 m. The substrate is often rock but this sponge is also common on kelp holdfasts and on other sponge species.
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North-West Atlantic; North-East Atlantic; England South Coast; Red Sea; Wimereux; Inhaca Island; Mozambique Channel; Cosmopolitan; Mambone Islands; Paradise Islands;

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