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Batagur trivittata (Burmese Roofed Turtle)

Synonyms: Batagur iravadica; Emys trivittata; Kachuga peguensis; Kachuga trilineata; Kachuga trivittata

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The Burmese roofed turtle (Batagur trivittata) is one of six species of turtle in the genus Batagur of the Geoemydidae family.It is endemic to Myanmar, but was believed to be extinct until rediscovered in 2002. It remains very rare in the wild, but a conservation project has been successful and several hundred are now kept in the Yadanabon Zoological Gardens in Mandalay and a turtle conservation center in Lawkananda Park, Bagan. An individual was seen in 2007 in Qingping Market in Guangzhou, China.
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Endangered Species

Status: Critically Endangered
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Htamanthi Myanmar

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Name Location Endemic Species Website
Indo-Burma Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam Yes


Myanmar (= Burma) (Irrawaddy and Salween river systems), China (Yunnan) ? Terra typica: "Bengale" (in error).;

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