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Pogona vitticeps (Central Bearded Dragon)

Synonyms: Amphibolurus vitticeps

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Pogona vitticeps, the central (or inland) bearded dragon, is a species of agamid lizard occurring in a wide range of arid to semiarid regions of Australia. This species is very popularly kept as a pet and exhibited in zoos.
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Adult Weight [1]  1.102 lbs (500 g)
Maximum Longevity [1]  12 years


Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Hattah-Kulkyne NP and Murray-Kulkyne Park National Park II 122831 Victoria, Australia
Riverland Biosphere Reserve Ia 1490891 South Australia, Australia
Yathong Nature Reserve Ia 270264 New South Wales, Australia


Parasuta dwyeri (Variable Black-naped Snake)[2]
Suta suta (Curl Snake, Myal Snake)[2]

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Australia (New South Wales, North Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria) Terra typica: Australia;

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