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Tiliqua scincoides (Australian blue-tongued lizard; Common Bluetongue, Eastern Bluetongue, Northern Bluetongue, Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard)


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Tiliqua scincoides is a species of skink in the genus Tiliqua, the blue-tongued skinks or blue-tongued lizards. It is native to Indonesia and Australia. This is a large terrestrial lizard measuring up to 40 centimeters long and 700 grams in weight. It has a stout body and short legs. It is variable in color but generally has a banded pattern. The tongue is blue-violet to cobalt blue in color. When threatened it may hiss and reveal its blue tongue, startling potential predators. It has strong jaws and can deliver a damaging bite. There are three subspecies:
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Tiliqua scincoides chimaerea
Tiliqua scincoides intermedia (Northern blue-tongued skink)
Tiliqua scincoides scincoides (Eastern blue-tongued skink)


Adult Weight [1]  1.087 lbs (493 g)
Birth Weight [1]  14 grams
Litter Size [1]  10
Maximum Longevity [1]  27 years


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Wallacea East Timor, Indonesia No


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Australia (New South Wales, North Territory, Queensland, SE South Australia, Victoria, NW West Australia) scincoides: S/E Australia intermedia: N Australia chimaerea: Indonesia (Maluku Province: Tanimbar, Babar Islands) Terra typica: Australia [Lacerta ;

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