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Boa imperator (Central American boa)


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Boa constrictor sabogae (Boa constrictor sabogae) is a subspecies of large, heavy-bodied snake. It is a member of the family Boidae. The boa constrictor is endemic to the Islas Marías, In the Pacific off the Nayarit, Mexico coast.
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Invasive Species

The common Boa constrictor imperator is a top nocturnal predator that kills its prey by constriction. Although it prefers small mammals such as rodents and bats, it also eats birds, amphibians, lizards, iguanas, and other snakes. It may thrive in forested areas, savannahs, cultivated sites, and suburbs. It exhibits both terrestrial and arboreal habits. It may enter caves to catch bats on flight. This species represents a threat to humans, particularly small children. It may affect agricultural activities. For example, causing damage to chicken farms. It threatens native species of amphibians, birds, lizards, snakes, and bats. It may even outcompete the two native boa species: the Puerto Rican boa Epicrates inornatus and the Mona Island boa Epicrates monensis, which are smaller in size than the common boa constrictor.
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Herpetotheres cachinnans (Laughing Falcon)[1]

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