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Tubastraea coccinea (Orange cup coral)


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Orange cup coral (Tubastraea coccinea) belongs to a group of corals known as large-polyp stony corals. This non-reef building coral extends beautiful translucent tentacles at night, which gives the species its nickname, the sun coral. Tubastraea coccinea is heterotrophic and does not contain zooxanthellae in its tissues as most corals do.
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Invasive Species

Tubastraea coccinea (orange-cup coral) has been introduced to all continents except Antarctica and is thought to compete with native benthic invertebrates for space and to compromise their communities. The reduction of native sponges and native corals could also have significant flow-on effects for entire ecosystems.
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Newport Aquarium
Rotterdam Zoo
Tierpark Dählhölzli


Atlantic Ocean, Indo-Pacific;

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