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Tischerioidea (lyonetiid moths)

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Tischerioidea is the superfamily of "trumpet" leaf miner moths.This is one candidate as the sister group (see also Palaephatoidea) of the bulk of Lepidoptera, the Ditrysia (Davis, 1999; Wiegmann et al., 2002), and they have a monotrysian type of female reproductive system. The superfamily contains just one family and traditionally one genus, Tischeria, but currently three genera are recognised, widespread across the world including South America (Davis, 1986), except for Australasia (Puplesis and Diskus, 2003). These small moths are leaf-miners in the caterpillar stage, feeding mainly on Fagaceae (Tischeria and Coptotriche), Asteraceae and Malvaceae (Astrotischeria), and some also on Rhamnaceae, Tiliaceae and Rosaceae.
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Tischeriidae (lyonetiid moths) (81)

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