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Aphaenogaster (Harvester ant)

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Aphaenogaster is a genus of myrmicine ants. About 200 species have been described, including 18 fossil species. They occur worldwide except from South America and Southern Africa. They are often confused with Pheidole or Pheidologeton. These two have major and minor workers, while Aphaenogaster has only a single worker caste. Pheidole has three-segmented clubs on its antennae, while Aphaenogaster has four segments and a larger body size. Pheidologeton has 11-segmented antennae, while the antennae in Aphaenogaster are 12-segmented.
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Aphaenogaster albisetosa
Aphaenogaster annandalei
Aphaenogaster araneoides
Aphaenogaster ashmeadi
Aphaenogaster atlantis
Aphaenogaster avita
Aphaenogaster balcanica
Aphaenogaster barbigula
Aphaenogaster baronii
Aphaenogaster beccarii
Aphaenogaster beesoni
Aphaenogaster belti
Aphaenogaster boulderensis
Aphaenogaster burri
Aphaenogaster caeciliae
Aphaenogaster campana
Aphaenogaster cardenai
Aphaenogaster cavernicola
Aphaenogaster cecconii
Aphaenogaster cockerelli
Aphaenogaster cristata
Aphaenogaster crocea
Aphaenogaster curiosa
Aphaenogaster dejeani
Aphaenogaster depilis
Aphaenogaster depressa
Aphaenogaster dlusskyi
Aphaenogaster donisthorpei
Aphaenogaster dromedaria
Aphaenogaster dulciniae
Aphaenogaster ensifera
Aphaenogaster epirotes
Aphaenogaster espadaleri
Aphaenogaster exasperata
Aphaenogaster fabulosa
Aphaenogaster fallax
Aphaenogaster famelica
Aphaenogaster faureli
Aphaenogaster feae
Aphaenogaster festae
Aphaenogaster finzii
Aphaenogaster flemingi
Aphaenogaster floridana
Aphaenogaster friederichsi
Aphaenogaster fulva
Aphaenogaster geei
Aphaenogaster gemella
Aphaenogaster georgica
Aphaenogaster gibbosa
Aphaenogaster gigantea
Aphaenogaster gonacantha
Aphaenogaster haarlovi
Aphaenogaster hesperia
Aphaenogaster holtzi
Aphaenogaster honduriana
Aphaenogaster huachucana
Aphaenogaster hunanensis
Aphaenogaster iberica
Aphaenogaster inermita
Aphaenogaster ionia
Aphaenogaster isekram
Aphaenogaster italica
Aphaenogaster januschevi
Aphaenogaster kervillei
Aphaenogaster kurdica
Aphaenogaster laevior
Aphaenogaster lamellidens
Aphaenogaster ledouxi
Aphaenogaster lepida
Aphaenogaster lesbica
Aphaenogaster livida
Aphaenogaster longaeva
Aphaenogaster longiceps
Aphaenogaster loriai
Aphaenogaster lustrans
Aphaenogaster maculata
Aphaenogaster maculipes
Aphaenogaster mariae
Aphaenogaster mayri
Aphaenogaster megommata
Aphaenogaster mersa
Aphaenogaster messoroides
Aphaenogaster mexicana
Aphaenogaster miamiana
Aphaenogaster miniata
Aphaenogaster muelleriana
Aphaenogaster mutica
Aphaenogaster nadigi
Aphaenogaster nana
Aphaenogaster obsidiana
Aphaenogaster occidentalis
Aphaenogaster oligocenica
Aphaenogaster osimensis
Aphaenogaster ovaticeps
Aphaenogaster pallescens
Aphaenogaster pallida
Aphaenogaster pannonica
Aphaenogaster patruelis
Aphaenogaster perplexa
Aphaenogaster phalangium
Aphaenogaster phillipsi
Aphaenogaster picea
Aphaenogaster picena
Aphaenogaster poultoni
Aphaenogaster praedo
Aphaenogaster praenoda
Aphaenogaster projectens
Aphaenogaster punctaticeps
Aphaenogaster pusilla
Aphaenogaster pythia (Funnel ant)
Aphaenogaster quadrispina
Aphaenogaster relicta
Aphaenogaster rhaphidiiceps
Aphaenogaster rifensis
Aphaenogaster rothneyi
Aphaenogaster ruida
Aphaenogaster rupestris
Aphaenogaster sagei
Aphaenogaster saharensis
Aphaenogaster sangiorgii
Aphaenogaster sardoa
Aphaenogaster schmidti
Aphaenogaster schurri
Aphaenogaster semipolita
Aphaenogaster senilis
Aphaenogaster sicardi
Aphaenogaster sicula
Aphaenogaster simonellii
Aphaenogaster sinensis
Aphaenogaster smythiesii
Aphaenogaster sommerfeldti
Aphaenogaster spinosa
Aphaenogaster splendida
Aphaenogaster striativentris
Aphaenogaster strioloides
Aphaenogaster subcostata
Aphaenogaster subterranea
Aphaenogaster subterraneoides
Aphaenogaster swammerdami
Aphaenogaster syriaca
Aphaenogaster takahashii
Aphaenogaster tennesseensis
Aphaenogaster testaceopilosa
Aphaenogaster texana
Aphaenogaster theryi
Aphaenogaster tibetana
Aphaenogaster tinauti
Aphaenogaster tipuna
Aphaenogaster torossiani
Aphaenogaster treatae
Aphaenogaster turkestanica
Aphaenogaster uinta
Aphaenogaster ujhelyii
Aphaenogaster vapida
Aphaenogaster verecunda
Aphaenogaster weigoldi
Aphaenogaster weulersseae
Aphaenogaster wilsoni

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