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Chaetocercus (Rufous-shafted woodstar)

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Chaetocercus, the typical woodstars, is a genus of hummingbirds containing the following species: \n* White-bellied woodstar, Chaetocercus mulsant \n* Little woodstar, Chaetocercus bombus \n* Gorgeted woodstar, Chaetocercus heliodor \n* Santa Marta woodstar, Chaetocercus astreans \n* Esmeraldas woodstar, Chaetocercus berlepschi \n* Rufous-shafted woodstar, Chaetocercus jourdanii
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Chaetocercus astreans (Santa Marta Woodstar) (Attributes)
Chaetocercus berlepschi (Esmeraldas Woodstar) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Chaetocercus bombus (Little Woodstar) (Attributes)
Chaetocercus heliodor (Gorgeted Woodstar) (Attributes)
Chaetocercus jourdanii (Rufous-shafted Woodstar) (Attributes)
Chaetocercus mulsanti (white-bellied woodstar) (Attributes)

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