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Dendrocitta (Treepie)

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Dendrocitta is a genus of long-tailed passerine birds in the crow and jay family, Corvidae. They are resident in tropical South and Southeast Asia. The species are plumaged in black, grey and rufous. Typically, the face and flight feathers are black, and the back is rufous. They are highly arboreal and rarely come to the ground to feed. They are, in taxonomic order:
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Dendrocitta bayleii (Andaman Treepie) (Attributes)
Dendrocitta cinerascens (Bornean Treepie) (Attributes)
Dendrocitta formosae (Grey Treepie) (Attributes)
Dendrocitta frontalis (Collared Treepie) (Attributes)
Dendrocitta leucogastra (White-bellied Treepie) (Attributes)
Dendrocitta occipitalis (Sumatran Treepie) (Attributes)
Dendrocitta vagabunda (Rufous Treepie) (Attributes)

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