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Dolomedes (Six-spotted fishing spider)

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Dolomedes /dɒləˈmiːdiːz/ is a genus of large spiders of the family Pisauridae. They are also known as fishing spiders, raft spiders, dock spiders or wharf spiders. Almost all Dolomedes species are semi-aquatic, with the exception of the tree-dwelling D. albineus of the southwestern United States. Many species have a striking pale stripe down each side of the body.
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Dolomedes actaeon
Dolomedes albicomus
Dolomedes albicoxus
Dolomedes albineus
Dolomedes angolensis
Dolomedes angustivirgatus
Dolomedes angustus
Dolomedes annulatus
Dolomedes aquaticus
Dolomedes batesi
Dolomedes bistylus
Dolomedes boiei
Dolomedes bukhkaloi
Dolomedes chevronus
Dolomedes chinesus
Dolomedes chroesus
Dolomedes costatus
Dolomedes crosbyi
Dolomedes dondalei
Dolomedes eberhardarum
Dolomedes elegans
Dolomedes facetus
Dolomedes fageli
Dolomedes femoralis
Dolomedes fernandensis
Dolomedes fimbriatus (Raft Spider)
Dolomedes flaminius
Dolomedes fontus
Dolomedes furcatus
Dolomedes fuscipes
Dolomedes fuscus
Dolomedes gertschi
Dolomedes gracilipes
Dolomedes guamuhaya
Dolomedes habilis
Dolomedes holti
Dolomedes horishanus
Dolomedes hyppomene
Dolomedes instabilis
Dolomedes intermedius
Dolomedes japonicus
Dolomedes kalanoro
Dolomedes karschi
Dolomedes lafoensis
Dolomedes laticeps
Dolomedes lesserti
Dolomedes lomensis
Dolomedes machadoi
Dolomedes macrops
Dolomedes mendigoetmopasi
Dolomedes minahassae
Dolomedes minor
Dolomedes mizhoanus
Dolomedes naja
Dolomedes neocaledonicus
Dolomedes nigrimaculatus
Dolomedes noukhaiva
Dolomedes ohsuditia
Dolomedes okefinokensis
Dolomedes orion
Dolomedes palmatus
Dolomedes palpiger
Dolomedes paroculus
Dolomedes pegasus
Dolomedes petalinus
Dolomedes plantarius (Great raft spider)
Dolomedes pullatus
Dolomedes raptor
Dolomedes raptoroides
Dolomedes saganus
Dolomedes schauinslandi
Dolomedes scriptus
Dolomedes senilis
Dolomedes signatus
Dolomedes silvicola
Dolomedes smithi
Dolomedes spathularis
Dolomedes stilatus
Dolomedes straeleni
Dolomedes striatus
Dolomedes submarginalivittatus
Dolomedes sulfureus
Dolomedes sumatranus
Dolomedes tadzhikistanicus
Dolomedes tenebrosus (Fishing spider)
Dolomedes titan
Dolomedes toldo
Dolomedes transfuga
Dolomedes triton (Six-spottedfishingspider) (Attributes)
Dolomedes upembensis
Dolomedes vatovae
Dolomedes vittatus
Dolomedes wetarius
Dolomedes wollastoni
Dolomedes yawatai
Dolomedes zatsun
Dolomedes zhangjiajiensis

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