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Enchelycore (Moray)

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Enchelycore is a genus of moray eels in the family Muraenidae. Enchelycore species are generally small to medium-sized eels, most ranging from 2 to 3 feet (61 to 91 cm) in length, with the largest being the Mosaic Moray (E. ramosa), which reaches a length of 6 feet (180 cm). Members of the genus feature distinctive, curved jaws that prevent them from fully closing their mouth and aids them in catching, and holding on to prey. Enchelycore species can also feature extremely bright colors (E. pardalis, E. anatina) and ornate markings (E. lichenosa).
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Enchelycore anatina (Fangtooth moray)
Enchelycore bayeri (Hookjaw moray)
Enchelycore bikiniensis (Bikini moray)
Enchelycore carychroa (Caribbean chestnut moray)
Enchelycore kamara (Dark-spotted moray)
Enchelycore lichenosa (Reticulate hookjaw moray)
Enchelycore nigricans (Viper moray)
Enchelycore nycturanus
Enchelycore octaviana (Slenderjaw moray)
Enchelycore pardalis (Leopard moray eel)
Enchelycore ramosa (Mosaic moray)
Enchelycore schismatorhynchus (White-margined moray)

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