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Galerida (Lark)

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Galerida is a genus of birds in the family Alaudidae. The current scientific name is derived from Latin. Galerida was the name for a lark with a crest, from galerum, "cap". Established by Friedrich Boie in 1828, the genus contains the following extant species: \n* Crested lark, Galerida cristata \n* Maghreb lark, Galerida macrorhyncha \n* Thekla lark, Galerida theklae \n* Malabar lark, Galerida malabarica \n* Sun lark, Galerida modesta \n* Sykes's lark, Galerida deva \n* Large-billed lark, Galerida magnirostris In addition, there are at least two fossil species which are included in this genus:
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Galerida cristata (Crested Lark) (Attributes)
Galerida deva (Sykes's Lark) (Attributes)
Galerida macrorhyncha (Maghreb lark)
Galerida magnirostris (Large-billed Lark) (Attributes)
Galerida malabarica (Malabar Lark) (Attributes)
Galerida modesta (Sun Lark) (Attributes)
Galerida theklae (Thekla Lark) (Attributes)

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