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Gammaproteobacteria (Gammaproteobacteria) with Relationships

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Gammaproteobacteria are a class of several medically, ecologically, and scientifically important groups of bacteria. An exceeding number of important pathogens belong to this class. Like all Proteobacteria, the Gammaproteobacteria are Gram-negative.
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Aeromonadales (1)
Enterobacteriales (Enterobacteriales) (24)
Legionellales (Legionellales) (1)
Pasteurellales (Pasteurellales) (7)
Pseudomonadales (Pseudomonadales) (6)
Thiotrichales (Thiotrichales) (1)
Xanthomonadales (1)

(...) = Species count

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