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Gelechioidea (Moths)

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Gelechioidea (from the type genus Gelechia, "resting on the ground") is the superfamily of moths that contains the case-bearers, twirler moths, and relatives, also simply called curved-horn moths or gelechioid moths. It is a large and poorly understood '"micromoth" superfamily, constituting one of the basal lineages of the Ditrysia.
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Agonoxenidae (Palm moth) (119)
Batrachedridae (Moth) (124)
Blastobasidae (blastobasid moths) (295)
Coleophoridae (casebearer moths and casebearers) (1,037)
Cosmopterigidae (cosmet moths) (1,577)
Elachistidae (grass leafminer moths and grass miners) (410)
Ethmiidae (ethmiid moths) (291)
Gelechiidae (gelechiid moths) (4,639)   (1)
Holcopogonidae (24)
Lecithoceridae (long-horned moths) (780)
Metachandidae (57)
Momphidae (momphid moths) (163)
Oecophoridae (oecophorid moths) (6,592)
Pterolonchidae (Lance-wing moth) (11)
Scythrididae (Flower moth) (476)
Symmocidae (Moth) (273)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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