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Heliodoxa (Brilliant)

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Heliodoxa is a genus of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family. It contains the following species: \n* Gould's jewelfront, Heliodoxa aurescens \n* Fawn-breasted brilliant, Heliodoxa rubinoides \n* Violet-fronted brilliant, Heliodoxa leadbeateri \n* Velvet-browed brilliant, Heliodoxa xanthogonys \n* Black-throated brilliant, Heliodoxa schreibersii \n* Pink-throated brilliant, Heliodoxa gularis \n* Rufous-webbed brilliant, Heliodoxa branickii \n* Empress brilliant, Heliodoxa imperatrix \n* Green-crowned brilliant, Heliodoxa jacula
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Heliodoxa aurescens (Gould's Jewelfront) (Attributes)
Heliodoxa branickii (Rufous-webbed Brilliant) (Attributes)
Heliodoxa gularis (Pink-throated Brilliant) (Attributes)
Heliodoxa imperatrix (Empress Brilliant) (Attributes)
Heliodoxa jacula (Green-crowned Brilliant) (Attributes)
Heliodoxa leadbeateri (Violet-fronted Brilliant) (Attributes)
Heliodoxa rubinoides (Fawn-breasted Brilliant) (Attributes)
Heliodoxa schreibersii (Black-throated Brilliant) (Attributes)
Heliodoxa xanthogonys (Velvet-browed Brilliant) (Attributes)

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