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Lasius (Cornfield ant)

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Lasius is a genus of formicine ants. The type species for this genus is the black garden ant, Lasius niger. Other major members, which live in drier heathland, are the cornfield ant, L. neoniger, and L. alienus. Other species include the temporary social parasites of the L. mixtus group and the hyper-social parasite Lasius fuliginosus. Lasius flavus is also a commonly seen species, building grassy hillocks in undisturbed pasture. In the Alps, these mounds - always aligned east to catch the first rays of the rising sun - have been traditionally used by goatherds as natural compasses.
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Lasius alienoflavus
Lasius alienus (cornfield ant)
Lasius atopus
Lasius balcanicus
Lasius bicornis
Lasius breviscapus
Lasius brunneus
Lasius buccatus
Lasius capitatus
Lasius carniolicus
Lasius chambonensis
Lasius cinereus
Lasius citrinus
Lasius coloratus
Lasius crinitus
Lasius crispus
Lasius crypticus
Lasius distinguendus
Lasius draco
Lasius emarginatus
Lasius epicentrus
Lasius escamole
Lasius exulans
Lasius fallax
Lasius flavescens
Lasius flavoniger
Lasius flavus (Yellow Meadow Ant)
Lasius fuliginosus
Lasius gebaueri
Lasius globularis
Lasius grandis
Lasius hayashi
Lasius hikosanus
Lasius himalayanus
Lasius hirsutus
Lasius humilis
Lasius japonicus
Lasius jensi
Lasius karpinisi
Lasius koreanus
Lasius lasioides
Lasius lawarai
Lasius longaevus
Lasius longipennis
Lasius magnus
Lasius meridionalis
Lasius mikir
Lasius minutulus
Lasius minutus
Lasius mixtus
Lasius monticola
Lasius morisitai
Lasius myops
Lasius nearcticus
Lasius neglectus (Invasive)
Lasius nemorivagus
Lasius neoniger
Lasius nevadensis
Lasius niger (Black garden ant) (Attributes)
Lasius nigrescens
Lasius obliteratus
Lasius oblongus
Lasius obscuratus
Lasius obscurus
Lasius occultatus
Lasius pallitarsis
Lasius paralienus
Lasius peritulus
Lasius piliferus
Lasius platythorax
Lasius productus
Lasius przewalskii
Lasius psammophilus
Lasius pumilus
Lasius rabaudi
Lasius redtenbacheri
Lasius reginae (Ant)
Lasius rubiginosus
Lasius sabularum
Lasius sakagamii
Lasius schaeferi
Lasius schiefferdeckeri
Lasius schulzi
Lasius sitiens
Lasius sonobei
Lasius spathepus
Lasius speculiventris
Lasius subumbratus
Lasius talpa
Lasius tebessae
Lasius teranishii
Lasius terreus
Lasius tertiarius
Lasius turcicus
Lasius umbratus
Lasius uzbeki
Lasius vestitus
Lasius vetulus
Lasius viehmeyeri
Lasius wittmeri
Lasius xerophilus

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