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Messor (Harvester ant)

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Messor is a myrmicine genus of ants with more than 100 species, all of which are harvester ants; the generic name comes from the Roman god of crops and harvest, Messor. The subterranean colonies tend to be found in open fields and near roadsides, openings are directly to the surface. The Vessomessor genus was recently added to Messor, adding eight more species. Equipped with a tough, shining cuticle, Messor spp. are slow-moving and form long, seed-carrying runs. Colonies tend to be monogynous - founded by a single queen alone.
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Messor abdelazizi
Messor aciculatus
Messor aegyptiacus
Messor alexandri
Messor andrei
Messor angularis
Messor antennatus
Messor aphaenogasteroides
Messor aralocaspius
Messor arenarius
Messor atanassovii
Messor barbarus
Messor beduinus
Messor berbericus
Messor bernardi
Messor bouvieri
Messor buettikeri
Messor caducus
Messor capensis
Messor capitatus
Messor carthaginensis
Messor caviceps
Messor celiae
Messor cephalotes
Messor ceresis
Messor chamberlini
Messor clivorum <Unverified Name>
Messor clypeatus
Messor collingwoodi
Messor concolor
Messor decipiens
Messor dentatus
Messor denticornis
Messor denticulatus
Messor diabarensis
Messor ebeninus
Messor excursionis
Messor ferreri
Messor foreli
Messor fraternus
Messor galla
Messor hebraeus
Messor hellenius
Messor himalayanus
Messor hispanicus
Messor ibericus
Messor incisus
Messor incorruptus
Messor inermis
Messor instabilis
Messor intermedius
Messor julianus
Messor kasakorum
Messor kisilkumensis
Messor lamellicornis
Messor lariversi
Messor lobicornis
Messor lobognathus
Messor luebberti
Messor luridus
Messor lusitanicus
Messor maculifrons
Messor marikovskii
Messor marocanus
Messor medioruber
Messor melancholicus
Messor minor
Messor nahali
Messor niloticus
Messor oertzeni
Messor olegianus
Messor orientalis
Messor perantennatus
Messor pergandei
Messor piceus
Messor picturatus
Messor planiceps
Messor postpetiolatus
Messor regalis
Messor reticuliventris
Messor rufitarsis <Unverified Name>
Messor rufotestaceus
Messor rufus
Messor ruginodis
Messor rugosus
Messor sanctus
Messor sculpturatus
Messor semirufus
Messor semoni
Messor smithi
Messor sordidus
Messor stoddardi
Messor striatellus
Messor striaticeps
Messor striatifrons
Messor striativentris
Messor structor
Messor subgracilinodis
Messor sultanus
Messor syriacus
Messor testaceus
Messor tropicorum
Messor turcmenochorassanicus
Messor valentinae
Messor variabilis
Messor vaucheri
Messor vicinus
Messor wasmanni

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