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Pheidole (Bigheaded ant)

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Pheidole is a genus of ants that belongs to the ant subfamily Myrmicinae. The genus is widespread and ecologically dominant. It probably includes more than a thousand species . The genus first evolved in the Americas, eventually spreading across the globe.
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Pheidole aana
Pheidole aberrans
Pheidole absurda
Pheidole accinota
Pheidole acutidens (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole adrianoi
Pheidole aeberlii
Pheidole aequiseta
Pheidole agilis
Pheidole aglae
Pheidole ajax
Pheidole akermani
Pheidole albidula
Pheidole alfaroi
Pheidole allani
Pheidole amata
Pheidole amber
Pheidole ambonensis
Pheidole amia
Pheidole ampla (Seed-harvesting ant)
Pheidole amplificata
Pheidole anastasii
Pheidole andrieui
Pheidole androsana
Pheidole angusta
Pheidole annemariae
Pheidole anthracina (Seed-harvesting ant)
Pheidole aper
Pheidole arcifera
Pheidole arciruga
Pheidole areniphila
Pheidole argentina
Pheidole arhuaca
Pheidole aristotelis
Pheidole arnoldi
Pheidole aspera
Pheidole asperata
Pheidole athertonensis
Pheidole attila
Pheidole atua
Pheidole aurivillii
Pheidole auropilosa
Pheidole bahai
Pheidole balzani
Pheidole bambusarum
Pheidole barbata
Pheidole barreleti
Pheidole barumtaun
Pheidole beauforti
Pheidole belli
Pheidole bequaerti
Pheidole bergi
Pheidole bessonii
Pheidole bhavanae
Pheidole bicarinata (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole biconstricta
Pheidole bicornis
Pheidole bifurca
Pheidole bilimeki
Pheidole biloba
Pheidole binghamii
Pheidole biolleyi
Pheidole blumenauensis
Pheidole bluntschlii
Pheidole borgmeieri
Pheidole bos
Pheidole braueri
Pheidole brevicona
Pheidole brevicornis
Pheidole breviseta
Pheidole bruchi
Pheidole buchholzi
Pheidole buckleyi
Pheidole bucolica
Pheidole bugi
Pheidole butteli
Pheidole caffra
Pheidole cairnsiana
Pheidole caldwelli
Pheidole calens
Pheidole californica
Pheidole cameroni
Pheidole camptostela
Pheidole capellinii
Pheidole capensis
Pheidole carapuna
Pheidole carapunco
Pheidole caribbaea
Pheidole carrolli
Pheidole casta
Pheidole castanea
Pheidole cataractae
Pheidole cavifrons
Pheidole centeotl
Pheidole cephalica
Pheidole cerebrosior
Pheidole ceres
Pheidole cervicornis
Pheidole ceylonica
Pheidole chalca
Pheidole championi
Pheidole cheesmannae
Pheidole chilensis
Pheidole christopherseni
Pheidole cingulata
Pheidole clavata
Pheidole claviscapa
Pheidole clementensis
Pheidole clydei
Pheidole cocciphaga
Pheidole cockerelli
Pheidole coffeicola
Pheidole colaensis
Pheidole colobopsis
Pheidole comata
Pheidole concentrica
Pheidole concinna
Pheidole conficta
Pheidole confoedusta
Pheidole constanciae
Pheidole constipata
Pheidole cordata
Pheidole cordiceps
Pheidole corticicola
Pheidole cramptoni
Pheidole crassicornis
Pheidole crassinoda
Pheidole crassipes
Pheidole creightoni
Pheidole cryptocera
Pheidole cubaensis
Pheidole cuitensis
Pheidole dammermani
Pheidole darlingtoni
Pheidole davisi
Pheidole dea
Pheidole decarinata
Pheidole decem
Pheidole deceptrix
Pheidole defecta
Pheidole delecta
Pheidole dentata
Pheidole dentigula
Pheidole descolei
Pheidole deserticola
Pheidole desertorum
Pheidole diana
Pheidole diffidens
Pheidole diffusa
Pheidole diligens
Pheidole dimidiata
Pheidole distincta
Pheidole distorta
Pheidole diversipilosa
Pheidole dugasi
Pheidole dwyeri
Pheidole dyctiota
Pheidole eidmanni
Pheidole elecebra (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole elegans
Pheidole elisae
Pheidole embolopyx
Pheidole emersoni
Pheidole emmae
Pheidole ensifera
Pheidole erato
Pheidole ernsti
Pheidole escherichii
Pheidole exarata
Pheidole exasperata
Pheidole excellens
Pheidole fabricator
Pheidole fallax
Pheidole fantasia
Pheidole fatigata
Pheidole feae
Pheidole fergusoni
Pheidole fervens
Pheidole fervida
Pheidole fimbriata
Pheidole fiorii
Pheidole flavens
Pheidole flavida
Pheidole flavothoracica
Pheidole floridana
Pheidole foreli
Pheidole funkikoensis
Pheidole fuscula
Pheidole gaigei
Pheidole gambogia
Pheidole gatesi
Pheidole gauthieri
Pheidole gavrilovi
Pheidole gellibrandi
Pheidole gertrudae
Pheidole ghatica
Pheidole ghigii
Pheidole gibba
Pheidole gigliolii
Pheidole gilvescens
Pheidole godmani
Pheidole goeldii
Pheidole gouldi
Pheidole gracilescens
Pheidole gracilipes
Pheidole grallatrix
Pheidole granulata
Pheidole grayi
Pheidole greggi
Pheidole grundmanni
Pheidole guilelmimuelleri
Pheidole guineensis
Pheidole hartmeyeri
Pheidole havilandi
Pheidole haywardi
Pheidole hecate
Pheidole hercules
Pheidole hetschkoi
Pheidole hewitti
Pheidole hirsuta
Pheidole hirtula
Pheidole holmgreni
Pheidole horni
Pheidole hortensis
Pheidole hospes
Pheidole hospita
Pheidole huberi
Pheidole humeralis
Pheidole hyatti
Pheidole impariceps
Pheidole impressa
Pheidole impressiceps
Pheidole incerta
Pheidole incisa
Pheidole incurvata
Pheidole indica
Pheidole indistincta
Pheidole inermis
Pheidole innotata
Pheidole innupta
Pheidole inquilina (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole inscrobiculata
Pheidole insipida
Pheidole irritans
Pheidole isis
Pheidole jonas
Pheidole jordanica
Pheidole jucunda
Pheidole jujuyensis
Pheidole kitschneri
Pheidole knowlesi
Pheidole kochi
Pheidole kohli
Pheidole kraepelini
Pheidole lacerta
Pheidole laevifrons
Pheidole laeviventris
Pheidole laevivertex
Pheidole lamellinoda
Pheidole lamia
Pheidole laminata
Pheidole lanuginosa (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole laticrista
Pheidole latinoda
Pheidole lemur
Pheidole liengmei
Pheidole lighti
Pheidole lignicola
Pheidole lilloi
Pheidole liteae
Pheidole littoralis
Pheidole lobulata
Pheidole lokitae
Pheidole longiceps
Pheidole longicornis
Pheidole longipes
Pheidole longiscapa
Pheidole longispinosa
Pheidole longula
Pheidole lucida
Pheidole lucretii
Pheidole luteipes
Pheidole lutzi
Pheidole macclendoni
Pheidole maculifrons
Pheidole madecassa
Pheidole magacephala <Unverified Name>
Pheidole magrettii
Pheidole maja
Pheidole makilingi
Pheidole malabarica
Pheidole malinsii
Pheidole manteroi
Pheidole marcidula
Pheidole maufei
Pheidole mayri
Pheidole medioflava
Pheidole megacephala (bigheaded ant)
Pheidole meinerti
Pheidole melanogaster
Pheidole mendanai
Pheidole mendicula
Pheidole mentita
Pheidole metallescens
Pheidole microgyna (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole micula
Pheidole militicida
Pheidole mimula
Pheidole minima
Pheidole minor
Pheidole minuscula
Pheidole minutissima
Pheidole minutula
Pheidole miseranda
Pheidole mjobergi
Pheidole modiglianii
Pheidole moerens
Pheidole morrisii
Pheidole moseni
Pheidole multidens
Pheidole mus
Pheidole mylognatha
Pheidole nana
Pheidole naoroji
Pheidole nasutoides
Pheidole nemoralis
Pheidole neokohli (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole neolongiceps
Pheidole nietneri
Pheidole nigeriensis
Pheidole nigritella
Pheidole nimba
Pheidole nindi
Pheidole nitidula
Pheidole njassae
Pheidole noda
Pheidole nodgii
Pheidole nodifera
Pheidole nuculiceps
Pheidole obnixa
Pheidole obtusopilosa
Pheidole obtusospinosa
Pheidole occipitalis
Pheidole oceanica
Pheidole ocior
Pheidole oculata
Pheidole onifera
Pheidole opaciventris
Pheidole optiva
Pheidole orbica
Pheidole oswaldi
Pheidole oxyops
Pheidole paiute
Pheidole pallidula
Pheidole parasitica (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole partita
Pheidole parva
Pheidole peguensis
Pheidole penetralis
Pheidole peregrina
Pheidole perpusilla
Pheidole philemon
Pheidole philippi
Pheidole phipsoni
Pheidole picata
Pheidole picea
Pheidole piceonigra
Pheidole pieli
Pheidole pilifera
Pheidole piliventris
Pheidole pinealis
Pheidole plagiaria
Pheidole planifrons
Pheidole platypus
Pheidole plebecula
Pheidole plinii
Pheidole porcula
Pheidole praeusta
Pheidole prelli
Pheidole pronotalis
Pheidole providens
Pheidole proxima
Pheidole psammophila
Pheidole pubiventris
Pheidole pulchella
Pheidole punctatissima
Pheidole punctithorax
Pheidole punctulata
Pheidole pungens
Pheidole purpurascens
Pheidole pyriformis
Pheidole quadrensis
Pheidole quadricuspis
Pheidole quadriprojecta
Pheidole quadrispinosa
Pheidole quiaccana
Pheidole rabo
Pheidole radoszkowskii
Pheidole rata
Pheidole rehi
Pheidole reichenspergeri
Pheidole retronitens
Pheidole rhea (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole rhinoceros
Pheidole ridicula
Pheidole rinae
Pheidole risii
Pheidole riveti
Pheidole roberti
Pheidole rogeri
Pheidole rogersi
Pheidole rohani
Pheidole roosevelti
Pheidole rosae
Pheidole ruficeps
Pheidole rufipilis
Pheidole rugaticeps
Pheidole rugosa
Pheidole rugulosa
Pheidole ryukyuensis
Pheidole sagana
Pheidole sagei
Pheidole sauberi
Pheidole sauteri
Pheidole saxicola
Pheidole scabriuscula
Pheidole scapulata
Pheidole schoutedeni
Pheidole schultzei
Pheidole schwarzmaieri
Pheidole sciara
Pheidole sciophila
Pheidole scrobifera
Pheidole sculpturata
Pheidole seeldrayersi
Pheidole semilaevis
Pheidole senex
Pheidole sensitiva
Pheidole sepulchralis
Pheidole sericella
Pheidole severini
Pheidole sexdentata
Pheidole sexspinosa
Pheidole sharpi
Pheidole sikorae
Pheidole silvestrii
Pheidole similigena
Pheidole simoni
Pheidole sinaitica
Pheidole singularis
Pheidole sinica
Pheidole sitarches
Pheidole skwarrae
Pheidole smythiesii
Pheidole spadonia
Pheidole spathifera
Pheidole speculifera
Pheidole sperata
Pheidole spielbergi
Pheidole spininodis
Pheidole spinoda
Pheidole spinulosa
Pheidole squalida
Pheidole steinheili
Pheidole strator
Pheidole striata
Pheidole striaticeps
Pheidole striativentris
Pheidole stulta
Pheidole subaberrans
Pheidole subarmata
Pheidole sulcaticeps
Pheidole susannae
Pheidole sykesii
Pheidole symbiotica (Bigheaded ant)
Pheidole tachigaliae
Pheidole taivanensis
Pheidole tandjongensis
Pheidole tarda
Pheidole tasmaniensis
Pheidole taurus
Pheidole templaria
Pheidole tenerescens
Pheidole teneriffana
Pheidole tenuiclavata
Pheidole tenuinodis
Pheidole tepicana
Pheidole termitobia
Pheidole termitophila
Pheidole terresi
Pheidole tertiaria
Pheidole tethepa
Pheidole tetracantha
Pheidole tetrica
Pheidole texana
Pheidole tijucana
Pheidole tisiphone
Pheidole titanis
Pheidole tolteca
Pheidole tragica
Pheidole transfigens
Pheidole transversostriata
Pheidole trapezoidea
Pheidole treubi
Pheidole tricarinata
Pheidole tricolor
Pheidole triconstricta
Pheidole tristis
Pheidole tsailuni
Pheidole tucsonica
Pheidole turneri
Pheidole tysoni
Pheidole umbonata
Pheidole upeneci
Pheidole ursus
Pheidole vafella
Pheidole vafra
Pheidole vallicola
Pheidole vallifica
Pheidole vanderveldi
Pheidole variabilis
Pheidole variolosa
Pheidole vaslitii
Pheidole vatu
Pheidole velox
Pheidole veteratrix
Pheidole victoris
Pheidole vigilans
Pheidole virago
Pheidole vistana
Pheidole voeltzkowii
Pheidole vorax
Pheidole walkeri
Pheidole wallacei
Pheidole watsoni
Pheidole wheeleri
Pheidole wheelerorum
Pheidole wiesei
Pheidole williamsi
Pheidole wilsoni
Pheidole wolfringi
Pheidole woodmasoni
Pheidole wroughtonii
Pheidole xanthocnemis
Pheidole xerophila
Pheidole xocensis
Pheidole yaqui
Pheidole zeteki

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