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Pinales (Pines)

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The order Pinales in the division Pinophyta, class Pinopsida, comprises all the extant conifers. This order used to be known as the Coniferales. The distinguishing characteristic is the reproductive structure known as a cone produced by all Pinales. All of the extant conifers, such as cedar, celery-pine, cypress, fir, juniper, larch, pine, redwood, spruce, and yew are included here. Some fossil conifers, however, belong to other distinct orders within the division Pinophyta.
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Araucariaceae (37)   (15)
Cephalotaxaceae (8)   (2)
Cupressaceae (136)   (30)   (1)
Phyllocladaceae (4)
Pinaceae (232)   (33)   (2)
Podocarpaceae (176)   (35)
Sciadopityaceae (1)
Taxaceae (yew) (24)   (8)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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