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Rhodopechys (Bullfinch)

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Rhodopechys is a genus of finches containing the following two species: \n* Eurasian crimson-winged finch, Rhodopechys sanguineus \n* African crimson-winged finch, Rhodopechys alienus The desert finch, Carduelis obsoleta (formerly Rhodopechys obsoleta), has turned out to belong to the (sub)genus Chloris in the genus Carduelis as indicated by DNA sequences, song and eyestripe pattern; it is closely related to the greenfinches (Zamora et al., 2006). See the species account for details.
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Rhodopechys alienus (African crimson-winged finch)
Rhodopechys sanguineus (Eurasian Crimson-winged Finch) (Attributes)

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