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Schefflera (Schefflera)

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Schefflera /ˈʃɛflərə/ is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araliaceae. The plants are trees, shrubs or lianas, growing 1–30 metres (3 ft 3 in–98 ft 5 in) tall, with woody stems and palmately compound leaves. The circumscription of the genus has varied greatly. Phylogenetic studies have shown that the widely used broad circumscription as a pantropical genus of over 700 species is polyphyletic, but it remains to be seen how this will affect the classification of the genus.
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Schefflera abyssinica (Attributes)
Schefflera acaropunctata
Schefflera actinophylla (octopus tree) (Attributes)
Schefflera actinphylla <Unverified Name>
Schefflera acuminata
Schefflera acuminatissima
Schefflera acutissima
Schefflera agamae (Endangered)
Schefflera agasthiyamalayana
Schefflera albido-bracteata (Endangered)
Schefflera albidobracteata
Schefflera albocapitata
Schefflera allocotantha
Schefflera alongensis
Schefflera alpina
Schefflera altigena
Schefflera alvarezii
Schefflera amungwiwae
Schefflera angiensis
Schefflera angilogensis
Schefflera angulata
Schefflera angustifolia
Schefflera angustifoliolata
Schefflera angustissima (Attributes)
Schefflera apiculata
Schefflera aquaverensis
Schefflera arboricola (Dwarf Umbrella Tree)
Schefflera archboldiana
Schefflera archeri
Schefflera arfakensis
Schefflera argophylla
Schefflera aromatica (Attributes)
Schefflera asymmetrica
Schefflera atrifoliata
Schefflera attenuata
Schefflera aurata
Schefflera auyantepuiensis
Schefflera avenis
Schefflera awa
Schefflera ayangannensis
Schefflera baculosa
Schefflera balansana
Schefflera banahaensis
Schefflera bangii
Schefflera barbata
Schefflera barteri
Schefflera beccariana
Schefflera bejucosa
Schefflera benguetensis
Schefflera bifida
Schefflera binuangensis
Schefflera bipalmatifolia
Schefflera blancoi
Schefflera blepharidophylla
Schefflera bodinieri
Schefflera bogotensis
Schefflera bojeri
Schefflera bonita
Schefflera bordenii
Schefflera boridiana
Schefflera borneensis
Schefflera botumirimensis
Schefflera bougainvilleana
Schefflera bourdillonii (Endangered)
Schefflera brachypoda
Schefflera bracteolifera
Schefflera bractescens
Schefflera brassaiella
Schefflera brassii
Schefflera brenesii
Schefflera brevipedicellata
Schefflera brevipes
Schefflera buchtienii
Schefflera bukidnonensis
Schefflera burchellii
Schefflera burkillii
Schefflera buxifolioides
Schefflera caduca
Schefflera cajambrensis
Schefflera calva (Attributes)
Schefflera calycina
Schefflera calyptricuspidata
Schefflera cambodiana
Schefflera canaensis
Schefflera candelabrum
Schefflera capitata
Schefflera capitulifera
Schefflera capitulispicata
Schefflera capixaba
Schefflera capuroniana
Schefflera carolii
Schefflera carrii
Schefflera cartagoensis
Schefflera catanduanensis
Schefflera catensis
Schefflera caudata
Schefflera caudatifolia
Schefflera cavaleriei
Schefflera cephalantha
Schefflera cephalotes (Endangered)
Schefflera chaetorrhachis
Schefflera chandrasekharanii
Schefflera chapana
Schefflera chartacea
Schefflera chevalieri
Schefflera chimantensis
Schefflera chinensis
Schefflera chococola
Schefflera cicatricata
Schefflera ciliata
Schefflera ciliatifolia
Schefflera cinnamomea
Schefflera clarkeana
Schefflera clausa
Schefflera clavigera
Schefflera clementis
Schefflera clusietorum
Schefflera coclensis
Schefflera coenosa
Schefflera concolor
Schefflera confusa
Schefflera contracta
Schefflera cordata
Schefflera coriacea
Schefflera corymbiformis
Schefflera cracens
Schefflera crassibracteata
Schefflera crassifolia
Schefflera crassilimba
Schefflera crassissima
Schefflera cuatrecasasiana
Schefflera cumingii
Schefflera cuneata
Schefflera curranii (Endangered)
Schefflera decagyna
Schefflera decaphylla (Attributes)
Schefflera delavayi (Attributes)
Schefflera demesae
Schefflera dentata
Schefflera dichotoma
Schefflera dielsii
Schefflera digitata (Schefflera) (Attributes)
Schefflera diguana
Schefflera digyna
Schefflera diplodactyla
Schefflera disparifolia
Schefflera dissidens
Schefflera distractiflora
Schefflera divaricata
Schefflera dolichostyla
Schefflera dongnaiensis
Schefflera duidae
Schefflera dumicola
Schefflera elachistocephala
Schefflera elata
Schefflera elliptica (Attributes)
Schefflera elliptifoliola
Schefflera emarginata
Schefflera enneaphylla
Schefflera epiphytica
Schefflera eriocephala
Schefflera eucaudata
Schefflera euryphylla
Schefflera euthytricha (Endangered)
Schefflera evrardii
Schefflera exaltata
Schefflera eximia
Schefflera fantsipanensis
Schefflera fastigiata (Endangered) (Attributes)
Schefflera favargeri
Schefflera fengii
Schefflera feriarum
Schefflera ferruginea
Schefflera filipes
Schefflera fimbriata
Schefflera foetida
Schefflera forbesii
Schefflera fosbergiana
Schefflera foxworthyi
Schefflera fragrans
Schefflera frodiniana
Schefflera fruticosa
Schefflera gardneri
Schefflera gigantifolia
Schefflera gjellerupii
Schefflera glabra
Schefflera glabrata
Schefflera glabrescens
Schefflera glauca
Schefflera glaziovii
Schefflera gleasonii (yuquilla) (Attributes)
Schefflera globosa
Schefflera globulifera
Schefflera goetzenii (Attributes)
Schefflera gracilipes
Schefflera gracilis
Schefflera gracillima
Schefflera grandigemma
Schefflera guanayensis
Schefflera guizhouensis
Schefflera hainanensis
Schefflera halconensis
Schefflera halleana
Schefflera harmsii
Schefflera havilandii
Schefflera hellwigiana
Schefflera hemiepiphytica
Schefflera heptaphylla (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Schefflera herthae
Schefflera herzogii
Schefflera heterobotrya
Schefflera heteroclada
Schefflera heterophylla
Schefflera heterotricha
Schefflera hierniana
Schefflera hirsuta
Schefflera hitchcockii
Schefflera hoi
Schefflera huachamacarii
Schefflera huberi
Schefflera huilensis
Schefflera hullettii
Schefflera humblotiana
Schefflera humboldtiana
Schefflera hunsteiniana
Schefflera hypochlora
Schefflera hypoleuca
Schefflera hypoleucoides
Schefflera inambarica
Schefflera insculpta
Schefflera insignis (Endangered)
Schefflera instita
Schefflera insularum
Schefflera ischnoacra
Schefflera ischyrocephala
Schefflera jahnii
Schefflera janowskyi
Schefflera japurensis
Schefflera jauaensis
Schefflera jefensis
Schefflera junghuhniana
Schefflera kajonensis
Schefflera kaniensis
Schefflera karsteniana
Schefflera kerchoveiana
Schefflera khasiana
Schefflera kivuensis
Schefflera kollmannii
Schefflera kontumensis (Endangered)
Schefflera koordersii
Schefflera koresii
Schefflera kornasii
Schefflera kraemeri
Schefflera kuborensis
Schefflera kuchingensis (Critically Endangered)
Schefflera kuntzei
Schefflera kurzii
Schefflera lakhonensis
Schefflera lanceolata
Schefflera lancifoliolata
Schefflera lasiocalyx
Schefflera lasiogyne
Schefflera lasiosphaera
Schefflera latifoliolata
Schefflera latiligulata
Schefflera lawranceana
Schefflera laxiflora
Schefflera laxiuscula
Schefflera le-ratii
Schefflera leiophylla
Schefflera lenticellata
Schefflera leroyiana
Schefflera leucantha
Schefflera leytensis
Schefflera lilacina
Schefflera littoralis
Schefflera littorea
Schefflera lociana
Schefflera longepetiolata
Schefflera longifolia
Schefflera longifructescens
Schefflera longipedicellata
Schefflera longistyla
Schefflera lorentzii
Schefflera lucescens
Schefflera lucumoides
Schefflera lukwangulensis (Endangered)
Schefflera lurida
Schefflera luzoniensis
Schefflera macerosa
Schefflera macgregorii
Schefflera macphersonii
Schefflera macrantha
Schefflera macrocarpa (Attributes)
Schefflera macrophylla
Schefflera macrostachya
Schefflera maduraiensis
Schefflera magnifolia
Schefflera maguireorum
Schefflera malmei
Schefflera mannii
Schefflera manus-dei
Schefflera marahuacensis
Schefflera marginata
Schefflera marlipoensis (Critically Endangered)
Schefflera mathewsii
Schefflera megacarpa
Schefflera megalantha
Schefflera meiurophylla
Schefflera membranifolia
Schefflera menglaensis
Schefflera merrillii
Schefflera merrittii
Schefflera metcalfiana
Schefflera micrantha
Schefflera microcephala
Schefflera microgyne
Schefflera microphylla
Schefflera minahasae
Schefflera minutiflora
Schefflera minutipetiolata
Schefflera minutistellata
Schefflera mjoebergii
Schefflera monophylla
Schefflera monosperma
Schefflera montana
Schefflera monticola
Schefflera monzonensis
Schefflera moratii
Schefflera morobeana
Schefflera morototoni (Attributes)
Schefflera multiflora
Schefflera multifoliolata (Endangered)
Schefflera multinervia
Schefflera multiramosa
Schefflera munchiquensis
Schefflera myriantha (Attributes)
Schefflera myrianthella
Schefflera myriocarpa
Schefflera myrioneura
Schefflera nabirensis
Schefflera napuoensis
Schefflera neblinae
Schefflera nebularum
Schefflera neoebudica
Schefflera nephelophila
Schefflera nervosa
Schefflera nhatrangensis
Schefflera nicaraguensis
Schefflera nigrescens
Schefflera nodosa
Schefflera obliqua
Schefflera oblonga
Schefflera oblongifolia
Schefflera obovata
Schefflera obovatifoliolata
Schefflera obtusifolia
Schefflera octandra
Schefflera octostyla
Schefflera octuphyllum
Schefflera oligodon
Schefflera oreopola
Schefflera ouveana
Schefflera ovoidea
Schefflera oxyphylla
Schefflera pachycephala
Schefflera pachyphlebia
Schefflera pachystyla
Schefflera pacoensis
Schefflera pagiophylla
Schefflera palawanensis (Endangered)
Schefflera pallens
Schefflera palmiformis (Endangered)
Schefflera panamensis
Schefflera panayensis
Schefflera paniculitomentosa
Schefflera papuana
Schefflera parasitica
Schefflera pardoana
Schefflera paruana
Schefflera parvifoliolata (Critically Endangered)
Schefflera patula
Schefflera pauciflora
Schefflera pauciradiata
Schefflera pawoiensis
Schefflera pedicellata
Schefflera pedicelligera
Schefflera pentadactyla
Schefflera pentagyra
Schefflera pentandra
Schefflera peruviana
Schefflera pes-avis
Schefflera petelotii
Schefflera petiolosa
Schefflera phanerophlebia
Schefflera pilematophora
Schefflera pimichinensis
Schefflera piperoidea
Schefflera pittieri
Schefflera planchoniana
Schefflera platyphylla
Schefflera plurifolia
Schefflera plurispicata
Schefflera poilaneana
Schefflera polita
Schefflera polyandra
Schefflera polyastra
Schefflera polybotrya
Schefflera polychaeta
Schefflera polyclada
Schefflera poomae
Schefflera porphyranthera
Schefflera prancei
Schefflera procumbens (Critically Endangered)
Schefflera pseudobrassaia
Schefflera pseudocandelabrum
Schefflera pseudospicata
Schefflera psilophylla
Schefflera pubens
Schefflera pubicarpa
Schefflera pubigera
Schefflera pueckleri
Schefflera pushpangadanii
Schefflera quadripetala
Schefflera quangtriensis
Schefflera quinduensis
Schefflera quinquecarinata
Schefflera quinquestylorum
Schefflera racemifera
Schefflera racemosa
Schefflera rainaliana
Schefflera ramosissima
Schefflera reiniana
Schefflera remotiserrata
Schefflera reticulata
Schefflera rhododendrifolia
Schefflera rhynchocarpa
Schefflera ridleyi
Schefflera rigida
Schefflera robusta
Schefflera rodriguesiana (Attributes)
Schefflera rostrata
Schefflera rotundifolia
Schefflera roxburghii
Schefflera rudolfii
Schefflera rufa
Schefflera rugosa
Schefflera ruschiana
Schefflera sachamatensis
Schefflera salweenensis
Schefflera samariana
Schefflera samoensis
Schefflera sandiana
Schefflera sanquininensis
Schefflera santosii
Schefflera sapoensis
Schefflera sararensis
Schefflera sarasinorum
Schefflera scandens
Schefflera schizophylla
Schefflera schultzei
Schefflera schumanniana
Schefflera sciodaphyllum
Schefflera scytinophylla
Schefflera secunda
Schefflera seibertii
Schefflera selloi
Schefflera sepikiana
Schefflera serrata
Schefflera sessiliflora
Schefflera sessilis
Schefflera setulosa
Schefflera shweliensis
Schefflera siamensis
Schefflera sibayakensis
Schefflera silvatica
Schefflera simbuensis
Schefflera simplex
Schefflera simplicifolia
Schefflera simulans
Schefflera singalangensis
Schefflera singularis
Schefflera sipapoensis
Schefflera sodiroi
Schefflera spaniodon
Schefflera sphaerocoma
Schefflera spruceana
Schefflera sprucei
Schefflera staufferana
Schefflera stearnii (Endangered)
Schefflera stellata
Schefflera stellulata
Schefflera stenopetala
Schefflera stenophylla
Schefflera steyermarkii
Schefflera stilpnophylla
Schefflera stolleana
Schefflera stolzii
Schefflera straminea
Schefflera stuhlmannii
Schefflera suaveolens
Schefflera subavenis
Schefflera subdivaricata
Schefflera subintegra
Schefflera succinea
Schefflera systyla
Schefflera tahanica
Schefflera taiwaniana
Schefflera tamana
Schefflera tamatamaensis
Schefflera tanyrhachis
Schefflera tanytricha
Schefflera ternata
Schefflera tessmannii
Schefflera tetrandra
Schefflera thaumasiantha
Schefflera tipuanica
Schefflera tomentosa
Schefflera tremula
Schefflera tremuloidea
Schefflera trevesioides
Schefflera trianae
Schefflera tribracteolata
Schefflera tristis
Schefflera trollii
Schefflera troyana
Schefflera trungii
Schefflera tunkinensis
Schefflera ulocephala
Schefflera umbellata
Schefflera umbellifera (Attributes)
Schefflera umbraculifera
Schefflera umbrosa
Schefflera urbaniana
Schefflera urdanetensis
Schefflera urostachya
Schefflera vanderwerffii
Schefflera vantsilana
Schefflera varisiana
Schefflera vasqueziana
Schefflera velutina
Schefflera venulosa (Attributes)
Schefflera versteegii
Schefflera vidaliana
Schefflera vieillardii
Schefflera viguieriana
Schefflera villosissima
Schefflera vinosa (Attributes)
Schefflera violacea
Schefflera violea
Schefflera vitiensis
Schefflera volkensii (Attributes)
Schefflera wallichiana
Schefflera wangii
Schefflera wardii
Schefflera waterhousei
Schefflera weberbaueri
Schefflera weibeliana
Schefflera whitefoordiae
Schefflera winkleri
Schefflera wrayi
Schefflera yatesii
Schefflera yunnanensis
Schefflera yurumanguinis
Schefflera yutajensis
Schefflera zhuana

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