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Sillago (Smeltwhiting)

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Sillago is a genus of fish in the family Sillaginidae and the only non-monotypic genus in the family. Distinguishing the species can be difficult, with many similar in appearance and colour, forcing the use of swim bladder morphology as a definitive feature. All species are benthic in nature and generally coastal fish, living in shallow, protected waters although there are exceptions. Minor fisheries exist around various species of Sillago, making them of minor importance in most of their range. This genus has the widest distribution of any smelt-whiting genus, spanning much of the Indo-Pacific. The genus ranges from the east coast of Africa to Japan in the east and Southern Australia in the south, with most species concentrated around South East Asia, the Indonesian Archipelago and Austra
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Sillago aeolus (Blotchy sillago)
Sillago analis (golden-lined whiting)
Sillago arabica (Arabian sillago)
Sillago argentifasciata (Silver-banded sillago)
Sillago asiatica (Asian sillago)
Sillago attenuata (Slender sillago)
Sillago bassensis (school whiting) (Attributes)
Sillago boutani (Boutan's sillago)
Sillago burrus (Trumpeter whiting) (Attributes)
Sillago caudicula
Sillago ciliata (Blue-nose) (Attributes)
Sillago flindersi (Bass Strait whiting) (Attributes)
Sillago indica (Indian sillago)
Sillago ingenuua (Bay sillago)
Sillago intermedius (Intermediate sillago)
Sillago japonica (Japanese sillago)
Sillago lutea (Mud whiting)
Sillago maculata (Banded whiting)
Sillago megacephalus (Large-headed sillago)
Sillago microps (Small-eyed sillago)
Sillago nierstraszi (Rough sillago)
Sillago parvisquamis (Small-scale sillago)
Sillago robusta (Yellow cheek whiting) (Attributes)
Sillago schomburgkii (Fine-scale whiting) (Attributes)
Sillago sihama (Whiting) (Attributes)
Sillago sinica (Chinese sillago)
Sillago soringa (Soringa sillago)
Sillago suezensis
Sillago vincenti (Estuarine whiting) (Attributes)
Sillago vittata (Banded sillago) (Attributes)

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