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Tineoidea (Moths)

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Tineoidea is the superfamily of moths that includes clothes moths, bagworms and relatives. There are six families usually included within it, Eriocottidae, Arrhenophanidae, Lypusidae, Acrolophidae, Tineidae and Psychidae, whose relationships are currently uncertain. The Lypusidae, for example, might actually belong to the Gelechioidea. Some authors merge the Tineoidea and all or part of the Gracillarioidea; in this case the Tineoidea sensu stricto are downranked to a series Tineiformes.
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Acrolophidae (burrowing webworms) (251)
Arrhenophanidae (Tropical lattice moth) (9)
Eriocottidae (Old World spiny-wing moth) (75)
Psychidae (bagworms) (1,118)
Tineidae (clothes moths) (2,437)   (2)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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