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Turtur (Wood dove)

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Turtur is a small genus of doves native to Sub-Saharan Africa. It includes 5 species: \n* Emerald-spotted wood dove, Turtur chalcospilos \n* Black-billed wood dove, Turtur abyssinicus \n* Blue-spotted wood dove, Turtur afer \n* Tambourine dove, Turtur tympanistria \n* Blue-headed wood dove, Turtur brehmeri
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Turtur abyssinicus (Black-billed Wood Dove) (Attributes)
Turtur afer (Blue-spotted Wood Dove) (Attributes)
Turtur brehmeri (Blue-headed Wood Dove) (Attributes)
Turtur chalcospilos (Emerald-spotted Wood Dove) (Attributes)
Turtur tympanistria (Tambourine Dove) (Attributes)

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