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Zygaenoidea (Moths)

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The Zygaenoidea comprise the superfamily of moths that includes burnet moths, forester moths, and relatives. The families are: \n* Aididae \n* Anomoeotidae \n* Cyclotornidae \n* Dalceridae \n* Epipyropidae \n* Heterogynidae \n* Himantopteridae \n* Lacturidae \n* Limacodidae \n* Megalopygidae \n* Phaudidae \n* Somabrachyidae \n* Zygaenidae
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Aididae (6)
Anomoeotidae (42)
Chrysopolomidae (African slug caterpillar moth) (21)
Cyclotornidae (Australian parasite moth) (5)
Dalceridae (dalcerid moths) (79)
Epipyropidae (planthopper parasites) (30)
Heterogynidae (Mediterranean burnet moth) (7)
Himantopteridae (58)
Lacturidae (133)
Limacodidae (saddleback caterpillars, slug caterpillar moths, and slug caterpillars) (1,410)
Megalopygidae (flannel moths) (226)
Somabrachyidae (Mediterranean flannel moth) (29)
Zygaenidae (Burnet moth) (1,075)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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