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Roystonea (royal palm)

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Roystonea is a genus of eleven species of monoecious palms, native to the Caribbean Islands, and the adjacent coasts of Florida and Central and northern South America. Commonly known as the royal palms, the genus was named for Roy Stone, a U.S. Army engineer. It contains some of the most recognizable and commonly cultivated palms in tropical and subtropical regions.
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Roystonea altissima (Attributes)
Roystonea borinquena (Puerto Rico royal palm) (Attributes)
Roystonea dunlapiana (Endangered)
Roystonea lenis
Roystonea maisiana
Roystonea oleracea (Caribbean Royal Palm) (Attributes)
Roystonea princeps (Morass cabbage palm)
Roystonea regia (royal palm) (Attributes)
Roystonea stellata (Endangered)
Roystonea violacea

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