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Psoralea is a genus in the legume family (Fabaceae). Although most species are poisonous, the starchy roots of P. esculenta (breadroot, tipsin, or prairie turnip) and P. hypogaea are edible. A few species form tumbleweeds. Common names include tumble-weed (P lanceolata), and white tumbleweed.
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Psoralea aculeata
Psoralea adscendens
Psoralea affinis
Psoralea alata
Psoralea aphylla
Psoralea arborea (Attributes)
Psoralea archeri
Psoralea argophylla (Silverleaf Scurf Pea) (Attributes)
Psoralea asarina
Psoralea australasica (Attributes)
Psoralea axillaris
Psoralea badocana
Psoralea balsamica
Psoralea bipuminosa <Unverified Name>
Psoralea californica (Attributes)
Psoralea canescens (Buckroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea castorea (beaver Indian breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea cinerea (Annual Verbine) (Attributes)
Psoralea clementii
Psoralea connixa
Psoralea cuneata
Psoralea cuspidata (Indian Breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea cyphocalyx (turniproot) (Attributes)
Psoralea digitata (palmleaf Indian breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea divaricata
Psoralea douglasii
Psoralea effusa
Psoralea ensifolia
Psoralea eriantha
Psoralea esculenta (Breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea exile
Psoralea fascicularis (Endangered)
Psoralea filifolia
Psoralea glabra (Attributes)
Psoralea glandulosa (Culen) (Attributes)
Psoralea glaucescens
Psoralea glaucina
Psoralea graveolens
Psoralea gueinzii
Psoralea holosericea
Psoralea hypogaea (Small Indian Breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea imbricata
Psoralea implexa
Psoralea keetii
Psoralea kraussiana
Psoralea lachnostachys
Psoralea laevigata
Psoralea lanceolata (lemon scurfpea) (Attributes)
Psoralea latestipulata (Texas Plains Indian breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea laxa
Psoralea leucantha
Psoralea linearifolia (narrowleaf Indian breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea lupinella
Psoralea macrophylla (largeleaf leather-root) (Attributes)
Psoralea macrostachya
Psoralea martinii
Psoralea melanocarpa
Psoralea mexicana
Psoralea monophylla
Psoralea nodosa
Psoralea odoratissima
Psoralea oligophylla
Psoralea onobrychis (French-grass) (Attributes)
Psoralea oreophila
Psoralea oreopolum
Psoralea pallida
Psoralea palmeri
Psoralea papillosa
Psoralea pariensis (Paria River Indian breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea parva
Psoralea patens (Attributes)
Psoralea pinnata (Dally Pine)
Psoralea plauta
Psoralea plumosa
Psoralea psoralioides
Psoralea pullata
Psoralea punctata
Psoralea pustulata
Psoralea ramulosa
Psoralea repens
Psoralea restioides
Psoralea reverchonii
Psoralea rhombifolia (Gulf Indian breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea rydbergii (Rydberg's Indian breadroot) (Attributes)
Psoralea scaposa (Attributes)
Psoralea simplex (singlestem leather-root) (Attributes)
Psoralea speciosa
Psoralea stipulata (largestipule leather-root) (Attributes)
Psoralea strobilina (Loma prieta) (Attributes)
Psoralea subulata (Attributes)
Psoralea tenax
Psoralea tenuiflora (Slender Scurfy Pea) (Attributes)
Psoralea tenuissima
Psoralea testariae
Psoralea triflora
Psoralea trinervata
Psoralea trullata
Psoralea verrucosa
Psoralea virens
Psoralea walkingtonii

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