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Trigonella (fenugreek)

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Trigonella is a genus from the family Fabaceae. The best known member is the herb fenugreek.
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Trigonella adscendens (Attributes)
Trigonella afghanica (Attributes)
Trigonella anguina (Attributes)
Trigonella aphanoneura (Attributes)
Trigonella arabica (Attributes)
Trigonella aristata (Attributes)
Trigonella astroides (Attributes)
Trigonella badachschanica (Attributes)
Trigonella balachowskyi (Attributes)
Trigonella balansae (cultivated fenugreek) (Attributes)
Trigonella berythea (Attributes)
Trigonella bicolor (Attributes)
Trigonella cachemiriana (Attributes)
Trigonella cachemyriana (Attributes)
Trigonella caelesyriaca (Attributes)
Trigonella caerulea (blue fenugreek) (Attributes)
Trigonella calliceras (Attributes)
Trigonella capitata (Attributes)
Trigonella carica
Trigonella cariensis (Attributes)
Trigonella cassia
Trigonella cedretorum (Attributes)
Trigonella cephalotes
Trigonella coerulescens (Attributes)
Trigonella cretica (Attributes)
Trigonella cylindracea (Attributes)
Trigonella dasycarpa (Melissitus Volosistoplodnyi) (Attributes)
Trigonella edelbergii (Attributes)
Trigonella elliptica (Attributes)
Trigonella emodi (Attributes)
Trigonella esculenta (Attributes)
Trigonella falcata (Attributes)
Trigonella filipes (Attributes)
Trigonella fimbriata (Attributes)
Trigonella foenum-graecum (sicklefruit fenugreek) (Attributes)
Trigonella freitagii (Attributes)
Trigonella geminiflora (Attributes)
Trigonella gharuensis (Attributes)
Trigonella glabra (Attributes)
Trigonella gladiata (Attributes)
Trigonella gontscharovii (Attributes)
Trigonella gracilis (Attributes)
Trigonella graeca (Attributes)
Trigonella grandiflora (Attributes)
Trigonella griffithii (Attributes)
Trigonella halophila
Trigonella hamosa
Trigonella heratensis (Attributes)
Trigonella hierosolymitana
Trigonella ionantha (Attributes)
Trigonella iskanderi (Attributes)
Trigonella isthmocarpa
Trigonella kafirniganica (Attributes)
Trigonella koeiei (Attributes)
Trigonella korovinii (Attributes)
Trigonella kotschyi (Attributes)
Trigonella laciniata (cutleaf fenugreek) (Attributes)
Trigonella latialata (Attributes)
Trigonella laxiflora (Attributes)
Trigonella laxissima (Attributes)
Trigonella lilacina (Attributes)
Trigonella linczevskii (Attributes)
Trigonella lipskyi (Attributes)
Trigonella lunata (Attributes)
Trigonella lycica
Trigonella macroglochin (Attributes)
Trigonella macrorrhyncha
Trigonella marco-poloi (Attributes)
Trigonella maritima (Sea Trigonella) (Attributes)
Trigonella media (Attributes)
Trigonella mesopotamica
Trigonella obcordata (Attributes)
Trigonella occulta (Attributes)
Trigonella pamirica (Attributes)
Trigonella pamphylica
Trigonella plicata
Trigonella podlechii (Attributes)
Trigonella podperae (Attributes)
Trigonella popovii (Attributes)
Trigonella procumbens (trailing fenugreek) (Attributes)
Trigonella pycnotricha (Attributes)
Trigonella ramosissima (Attributes)
Trigonella rechingeri (Attributes)
Trigonella rhytidocarpa
Trigonella rotundifolia
Trigonella salangensis (Attributes)
Trigonella schischkinii (Attributes)
Trigonella schlumbergeri
Trigonella siunica (Attributes)
Trigonella smyrnaea (Attributes)
Trigonella smyrnea (Attributes)
Trigonella spicata (Attributes)
Trigonella spinosa (Attributes)
Trigonella spruneriana (Attributes)
Trigonella squarrosa (Attributes)
Trigonella stellata (Attributes)
Trigonella stenocarpa (Attributes)
Trigonella strangulata (Attributes)
Trigonella suavissima (Attributes)
Trigonella subenervis (Attributes)
Trigonella teheranica (Attributes)
Trigonella tianschanica (Attributes)
Trigonella turkmena (Attributes)
Trigonella uncinata (Attributes)
Trigonella velutina (Attributes)
Trigonella verae (Attributes)
Trigonella xeromorpha (Attributes)
Trigonella zaprjagaevii (Attributes)

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